Access Control Security Systems Facilitate Security Strategies

High-tech access control systems provide organizations with the ability to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering areas that are restricted. These systems additionally facilitate the integration of existing security devices comprising an organization's security package as well as contribute to the overall goal of implementing advanced components of security devices, i.e., the safety and security of the facility's personnel.

Vulnerabilities exist in every facility that has not hired a professional security company to examine weaknesses that make a business susceptible to security breaches. A thorough security assessment begins with identification of peripheral vulnerabilities, such as those that exist in parking garages and parking lots surrounding the facility. The investigation will then move inward, concentric circle style, to different but pertinent access areas inside the building (s), eventually focusing on specific devices that are considered susceptible to criminal activity.

The most frequently used access control devices used by businesses who need highly effective and theft-resistant security measures include magnetic strip ID cards, RFIDs (radio frequency identification cards), biometrics (retinal scans or fingerprint ID) and smart cards. Moreover, the kind of credentialing system utilized by a facility will be the vehicle used to fit nonsecurity function into the scheme of the security system. For example, some smart cards contain large amounts of information embedded into a nearly microscopic chip that permits holders of the card to perform a variety of functions throughout the facility.

An access control system should match the security demands of the facility, as well as the number of people passing through the facility's checkpoints. Without expert guidance from professional security technicians, business owners tend to overdo or under estimate the security needs of their facility. Even when an access control system seems to correspond with a business's security needs, the danger of managers neglecting certain elements of the system or failing to properly integrate the system into the organization's total security strategy exists simply because they do not take the time to learn how to benefit from all components of the system.

One of the latest biometric access control devices to hit the market is the a fingerprint reader that contains finger "vein" recognition software for use in facilities such as plants and manufacturing facilities. Because employees and supervisors working in industrial environments often have worn, dry or dirty fingers, this new fingerprint reader employs near-infrared illumination to collect data that is not distorted by skin conditions, Instead, vein patterns existing within fingertips are scanned and identified. Moreover, attempting to forge vein patterns is impossible because they lie beneath the skin rather than on it. Extremely secure and effective, finger vein pattern identification is also being used in military facilities as well as government installations.

Security tech specialists are constantly upgrading and inventing new access control devices to provide security for all kinds and sizes of facilities. To find out which system is right for your NYC company, contact Vertex Security to begin implementing the most up-to-date and effective security system within your business's security strategy.
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