Access and Entry Control Systems

When you live in areas where large numbers of people have access to homes and businesses, such as the New York City and Manhattan, protecting your family and assets with an access and entry control system is one of the smartest and most practical actions you will ever take. Although you probably already have a "lock and key" control system established in your residence or small company, locks are really just a compromise waiting to happen. Easily picked, cut off or "cracked" (if it is a combination lock), lock and/or key security systems are essentially antiquated in this age of computerized access and entry control systems, microchips technology and biometric identification systems.

Ranging from electronic keypads to hundreds of security cameras monitoring every inch of an interior or exterior establishment, access and entry security are rapidly developing into a necessity for those worried about protecting their loved ones, a family-owned business or a huge corporation harboring classified information. In addition, discarding the old lock and key type of security means you no longer have to hassle with lost keys, employees leaving your company and not returning a key, or wondering who has been in certain areas without permission.

Since computers are firmly integrated in all business operations, applying an access and entry control is pertinent to safeguarding financial and employee data that may compromise the success of a business if an unwanted and unscrupulous individual were to gain access to that information. Likewise, protecting your home and other assets which you have worked hard for all your life equally necessitates a modern and foolproof security system.

In today's world of economic recession, high-crime rates and international terrorism, security should to be something immediately considered if you do not have such a system already installed in your home or business. A company owner should also be thinking about the security of his employees, along with the safety of valuable information concerning the development of innovative company merchandise and progressive procedures competitors would love to obtain from your company.

Professionally designed and installed access and entry systems provide all types of buildings with advanced measures that successfully prevent improper exposure of information or undesired individuals from entering that building. Access and entry control devices include:
  • Electronic keypad
  • Smart cards that are "swiped" through or under a reader
  • Biometric readers (scans a person's retina, fingerprints or DNA)
  • Closed circuit television monitors
  • Remote locks (such as locks installed in automobiles)
Investing in security devices such as these provide many benefits, such as effective prevention of:
  • Theft
  • Vandalism / Property damage
  • Home invasions / Personal assaults
  • Information theft
  • Unsupervised actions/questionable activities
All access and entry control systems can be modified to conveniently apply to any situation or establishment needing the assurance of an efficient, 24-hour security system.
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