Integrated Security Systems Bring All-In-One Security Solution

In the complex world of security and video surveillance, the options for closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems can sometimes seem overwhelming. Choices may be especially daunting for growing numbers of homeowners, small business owners and others who do not work day in and out as security professionals.

How can they protect their home or office with an affordable all-in-one solution? The answer lies in integrated security systems.

Integrated security systems offer some of the latest developments in CCTV design, with lower costs and simple operations that make them highly popular with small business and private home owners. The systems are hailed for their compact size, convenience and flexibility.

One significant advantage of integrated security systems is their size, which is notably smaller than other CCTV systems. Unlike more complicated systems, integrated security systems use a digital video recorder (DVR), a display monitor and a network card in a simple hook-up. In many cases, they look just like an LCD monitor for a computer, and they can be used that way, except that most customers are eager to use them for their best purpose of video surveillance and monitoring.

Integrated security systems also offer convenience in the way of storage options. The DVR part of the system can record up to 14 days of footage, which can then be transferred easily to a device such as an external hard drive or DVD for long-term storage. This convenient storage feature helps business owners and residents comply with police investigations in the unhappy event of a security incident. Investigators require a copy of the security recording, a request that integrated security systems make it easy to meet because of their uncomplicated storage operations.

Flexibility is another quality that attracts more and more customers to integrated security systems. With the built-in network card, the system allows users to connect remotely over the Internet from anywhere and monitor the area. Homeowners and business owners can view exactly what their camera sees at any given time. The built-in network card option makes integrated security systems an intelligent choice for users who travel in support of work and want to monitor their home or business.

More and more, people are selecting integrated security systems for their home and office needs. When cost, size and flexibility matter, these affordable all-in-one security solutions make an excellent choice for peace of mind.
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