Installation of Aiphone Systems in New York City

AIphoneConsidered one of the most reliable and respected security system brands in the world, Aiphone Systems offers a variety of security devices that effectively protect your New York City building, home or business. Aiphone has over 25 systems in its catalogue of security units that include answering units for front and back doors, video access security systems and sophisticated intercom systems. In addition, Aiphone produces special order units to accommodate any kind of security situation that needs to be addressed in businesses, homes or apartment buildings.

Because Aiphone provides the highest quality security systems available, Vertex Security utilizes their products when installing intercoms and access control systems in New York City dwellings. Aiphone's meticulous attention to circuitry and hardware dependability has produced a loyal and appreciative clientele, with more and more people requesting Vertex Security technicians install only Aiphone products in their homes or businesses. In fact, Aiphone is the only producer of intercoms to be awarded the Deming Prize, an international award given to select companies for recognition of their quality control practices.

Consumers consistently benefit from Aiphone's exceptional security devices because these products virtually eliminate potential criminal intrusions. Vertex Security can install any one of the sleekly designed units for main entrance, secondary entrance or internal security purposes. In addition, intercoms made by Aiphone dramatically reduce security issues found in parking areas and garages where criminals frequently try to steal cars or rob individuals during nighttime hours.

Aiphone systems

Aiphone also specializes in:

  • VOX Communication – activated by voice sensing circuitry, VOX communication is transmitted when noises or voices above pre-set levels are detected. Alternatively, sounds that fall below a certain threshold are received by another station incorporated in the security system. This permits a two-way, hands-free system of communication that does not require users to press any buttons or employ handsets.
  • Picture Memory Units – referred to as Aiphone's KC-32EU device, picture memory units furnish images of visitors whenever a call is made from an access system equipped with a video device.
  • All Call – Aiphone security systems featuring All Call provides users with the ability to make an announcement that is sent throughout interior intercom stations existing within the security system. Specific systems are already equipped with the All Call feature, while the LEF-C and LEF systems can be easily enhanced with All Call.
Vertex Security also uses Aiphone products when installing exterior security devices because exterior units are made to be vandal resistant. Further, they are constructed of steel that resists damage from harsh weather conditions. Call buttons made from stainless steel and added speaker protection further enhances Aiphone's vandal resistant security devices.

Family security systems offered by Aiphone and installed by licensed Vertex Security technicians include Hands-free Two-Wire Door Systems, Hands-free Color Video with Pan-Tilt and Zoom capability and video sentry color-tilt systems. New York City businesses will also benefit from Aiphone's office communication security systems that include integrated audio/video systems, hands-free selective call systems and networked video security communication systems.
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