Andrews Building Corporation

Address: 666 Broadway
New York, New York 10012

Scope of Project: Outdoor security for long-term construction project
Project Details: Alarm systems, security and video surveillance (CCTV)


Andrews Building Corporation located in downtown Manhattan is a large property maintenance and services provider in New York City. Our strong reputation is key to our success, and Vertex Security helped us uphold these high expectations to our clients.

Vertex Security provided outdoor security services for the duration of a construction project at 48 Walker Street, one of our many downtown properties. They designed a solution that successfully protected an area under construction with scaffolding on a pedestrian street. That is no easy feat in the Big Apple, but for Vertex Security it was no problem.

When under construction in New York City, outside areas are always at risk from attacks by vandals and others who cannot resist the temptation to tamper with vulnerable property. In addition, such tampering seriously endangers passersby who may walk around and under a compromised structure. This kind of intrusion and its possible consequences for public safety was a chief concern for Andrews Building Corporation as we undertook the construction project at 48 Walker Street.

Vertex Security designed and installed an outdoor security solution that eased our fears. They installed an outdoor alarm system to protect the scaffolding, the first line of defense for our building under construction, with loud noises and emergency responses in the event of an intrusion. Vertex Security also installed security and video surveillance cameras (CCTV) to monitor the area and provide a clear deterrent to anyone considering vandalism. We felt peace of mind to know that someone was always watching the construction area, no matter the hour of day or night.

Working with Vertex Security throughout the process also was a complete pleasure. We appreciated their commitment to customer service and sensitive consideration of our concerns for our business. Andrews Building Corporation remains highly respected because Vertex Security helped with our security needs.
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