Automated Locks

The most recent consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, NV held in January 2015, home automation is on the rise. Integrating electronics into nearly every aspect of home management is a trend as of late, and it is no surprise that locks are joining in the power game.

A good number of the automated locks that are emerging in this early market are dubbed “completely retrofittable deadbolts” – meaning that they can be used to replace any existing deadbolt without requiring new holes being drilled or any new construction occurring on the door itself. If you have an existing Schlage, Yale, RemoteLock, or Kwikset dead bolt, however, it should be noted that most automated locks will not seamlessly integrate into the existing hardware.

Automated locks come with a wide range of features, including:

  • Keyless entry using an electronic key or keyfob, biometrics, RFID, or NFC: This allows users to enter the home without taking out a key. This is great for families where key management is an issue or for busy individuals who would prefer to swipe a credential than sort through belongings for a key.
  • Integration into an existing home security control system allows you to boost efficiency by streamlining all home systems into one control panel.
  • Alert notifications, such as an email that lets a user know when the door has been left ajar for an extended period of time. In a day and age when users are accustomed to handling everything from banking to personal correspondence via the palm of their hands, the ability to be notified of an issue at home anytime and anywhere is a huge plus.
  • The ability to give a temporary passcode to visitors allows you to seamlessly integrate out of town visitors into the home without making an extra set of keys. The added bonus of the passcode expiring gives you peace of mind once the visit has concluded.
  • The ability to lock or unlock the door remotely using a smartphone or Internet application: Again, with market trends pointing the consumer’s desire to control anything, anywhere, and anytime from his or her smartphone, features which allow for remote locking and unlocking are a huge draw to the modern consumer. A child or family member locking themselves out no longer means leaving a work meeting early to help – with the press of a button, the problem is solved.
  • Weather resistance is an important feature, particularly in areas where weather conditions are unstable.
  • Tamper-proofing is of utmost importance with any lock, particularly an electronic lock.
  • Battery powering or battery backup powering for when the power in the home goes out gives peace of mind to those who are wary about embracing electronic technology for doors and locks out of fear of getting locked out. Unlike more antiquated systems, automated locks are not only hooked up to the main power of the home. In most cases, battery power exists as backup. Further, if the battery runs low, an alert message can be emailed or texted to the administrator of the account so that all perilous situations may be avoided.
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