Biometric Access Security Systems

Biometric access security systems are used by New York City businesses involved with highly classified information designed to remain within that company. When a company is protected by this innovative security system, the probability that it can be compromised is nearly nonexistent.

Biometric security primarily utilizes two kinds of identification features unique to every individual - fingerprints and retinas. Since no two people possess the same fingerprints or retina patterns, only one person out of the billions living on the planet will correspond to a specific file embedded in a biometric data bank.

Fingerprint Access Control

Recording and saving a fingerprint identification scan using a biometric access system is simple. The user places his or her finger firmly on the scanner until the machine is finished analyzing the unique minutiae embedded in the finger. Minutiae is the forensic term for ridge features defining someone's fingerprint. Examples of minutiae are ridge bifurcation, islands and core. The core is familiar to most people since it is highly visible on most fingertips and represents that "U-turn" seen developing in the middle of the finger's ridges.

Once the system records a person's minutiae patterns, it stores this information is a template corresponding to that person's name, identification number and other information relevant to the company using biometric access systems. Generally a system holds three to five templates of each person's fingerprints which it uses to match current input of a real-time fingerprint scan. Occasionally, a fingerprint scan may not work if the person wanting access has oil, dirt or other thick substances obscuring his minutiae. Usually, washing and drying the hands will allow the system to authenticate the fingerprints and permit that individual to enter the premises.

Retina Scanners

Biometric security systems also employ retinal scans as a form of high-tech security that is often found integrated with government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI and Secret Service. However, retinal scanning systems are becoming more affordable and have grown in popularity with large-scale prison complexes and financial institutions dealing with enormous sums of money.

Retinas are just as unique to every human as fingerprints are because of the individualized pattern of the capillaries providing the retina with blood. Researchers have discovered that retinal patterns among humans are so complex that identical twins do not even possess the same patterns. In fact, retinal scans are considered more conclusive to use as a security measure than fingerprints due to their complex nature.

As a method of providing immediate proof that someone is who they claim to be, biometric access systems are rapidly becoming one of the most popular security systems utilized by many New York City businesses that want a cutting-edge, dependable security system protecting their interests.
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