Protect Your Business with a Proper Security System

When many people think of business security systems, things like complex corporations or elaborate government installations come to mind. They picture sturdy concrete barriers and sophisticated underground tunnels beneath a skyscraper in the heart of the city designed to protect a century of accounting records or top-secret documents.

Although such situations do exist and have been popularized on television, the reality is that most businesses in cities remain small businesses operated by individuals who face a specific and serious set of security risks. That is, everyday thieves and other common criminals prey upon small businesses because they perceive them to more vulnerable than high-profile corporate headquarters, often the target of sensational attacks. The bottom line is that owners and operators of small businesses in the city need to protect themselves.

A variety of effective and technologically advanced tools provide security solutions for protecting a business, from alarms to access control systems to surveillance cameras. Nearly all businesses opt to install alarms, the most basic of which emit a shrill noise in response to danger and often serve to deter thieves on their own. Other alarm systems include monitoring to connect them alarm to a central information station, while still others use sensors to detect specific threats like breaking glass or the pressure of intruders’ feet on a mat. When combined with a reporting feature, the alarm system allows the business owner to assess conditions and the level of threats over a certain period of time, in order to stay vigilant and prepared.

As the name suggests, access control systems determine who in a business may access what areas of the operation. Access control systems can be as simple as a lock and key or, for more security, a keycard system. On the other hand, and more likely in a high-profile corporate or government installation, access control can involve super-sensitive biometric systems that scan features of an individual, such as handprints and retinas, in order to determine access privileges. Access control systems solve the problem of who can enter an area or see sensitive information, where sadly, employees perpetrate some of the crimes committed against a business. At the very least, access control systems allow business owners to monitor the flow of traffic throughout the establishment, in order to assess overall patterns of security.

Probably the most recognized type of security for a business is the security camera, an essential part of any closed-circuit television surveillance system (CCTV). CCTV allows areas of the business to be monitored constantly, a crucial advantage because many crimes occur precisely when no one is watching. Security cameras are available to suit a range of conditions and needs, including fixed cameras or point tilt and zoom (PTZ), infrared cameras that film in color during the day and in black and white at night, and rugged cameras suitable for the outdoors that offer resistance to vandals. Best of all, security cameras not only deter thieves and other criminals, but they also provide a visual record that police can review in the event of an incident. In this way, perhaps no security tool offers greater peace of mind than cameras.

No matter their size, businesses offer an attractive target to criminals outside or within the organization. Protect this livelihood with basic, popular and effective security tools including alarm systems, access control systems and security cameras. When the danger is ever present, and solutions are readily available, there is no excuse not to be prepared.

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