CCTV Systems and Access Control Points

At their most basic level, access control systems are necessary and useful tools within the home or workplace. A lock on a door has done wonders for many years by way of restricting access to a particular space. However, as technology has grown more advanced and more affordable, it has become increasingly possible for advanced access control systems to play a role in homes and businesses. Offering added security and convenience, advanced access control systems are considered extremely useful by those who use them.

One such system is the CCTV system, or, closed circuit television system. When linked to an access control point, a CCTV system can be an incredible tool in keeping a space secure. For example, a CCTV system in conjunction with an access control point may have the capability to record and therefore assist in catching those who attempt to get into a space but fail. Being aware that someone is trying to breach an access control point is a useful tool in preventing that breach from actually happening at a future date.

Today’s advanced systems actually have the capability to trigger a recording on a CCTV system when a failed access attempt occurs. Therefore, rather than sifting through hours of footage to see whether any failed attempts happened, a user is able to solely look through a saved library of footage recorded as the failed attempt occurred. This drastically reduces the amount of time needed to complete such monitoring. In turn, it drastically increases the possibility for one to actually see the footage that matters.

CCTV systems may be operated using a personal computer, but in more modern models, they are also capable of running through an IP connection. In an IP connection setup, the information recorded within the CCTV system is automatically uploaded to a central server. This level of advanced technology allows a person to monitor a site remotely, making it possible to monitor more than one location at once. Remote monitoring also lends itself to convenience, as it allows one to do monitoring work from home.

Because such systems are attached to the access control system itself, the IP system can also act as an access control point itself. For example, using an ID card, one could reserve access to a particular space via this online portal. This is particularly useful for systems where rentals are used, such as sports facilities. Such systems are also used for equipment rentals.

Of course with any security system, it’s important to be aware of what the system offers when stacked up against what your specific space needs. For some spaces, a CCTV system linked to the access control systems is a perfect solution. For others, it may be overkill.

The best way to determine what type of system would be best for you is to evaluate your security needs and to talk to a professional who can walk you through available solutions.
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