Closed Circuit Surveillance Cameras - Worth the Price?

According to Howard Safir, the former New York City police commissioner from 1996 to 2000, closed circuit television security cameras contributed to significant reductions in vandalism, assaults, thefts and major traffic violations, as well as a 40 percent decrease in crime occurring at various housing projects located throughout the city. Over the past 20 years, use of CCTVs has risen 50 percent among homeowners, business owners and municipalities searching for ways to keep citizens safe from criminal activity.

Economically, the losses incurred by businesses that are not protected by CCTV is estimated to be over $200 billion each year. Interestingly, the majority of these losses are the result of employee theft, which business owners could have prevented by installing surveillance cameras around selected areas. Although the cost of a professional CCTV security system may discourage some home and business owners from purchasing the device, statistically significant numbers tell us that buildings secured with a CCTV system are up to 85 percent less likely to be targeted by vandals and thieves.

Features of CCTV Technology

  • Nighttime infrared cameras contain detector chips that are sensitive to visible as well as near-infrared radiation and can transmit sharp and distinct images to video screens in any level of illumination
  • Cameras equipped with the ability to zoom, pan and tilt capture any images with amazing clarity. By zooming into the screen capture of a robbery taking place, police can easily identify pertinent features of criminals that may lead to swifter arrests.
  • Surveillance cameras that are "IP" ready means that they contain individual web server applications allowing access from remote computers or smartphones with an internet connection
  • CCTV cameras offer two-way audio options in addition to a sophisticated object following and tracking technology that literally "stalks" an unwanted intruder from the moment he enters a building
  • Cameras can be attached to ceilings, walls, roofs, eaves or as a standalone on shelving units, bookcases or other sturdy items.
  • Capable of scanning wide, open areas, CCTV cameras placed in remote corners of larger sized rooms will still be able to provide excellent, high resolution views of that room's dimensions.
  • Advanced wireless technology provides home and business owners with CCTV systems that are discreet and obscure when necessary. Installation of these wireless systems eliminates the hassle of burying or hiding messy wires.
Established New York City area security companies like Vertex Security makes it easy and affordable for anyone to purchase a closed-circuit television system that provides the most reliable and powerful deterrent to criminal activity. Avoid the devastating financial and emotional stress caused break-ins, vandalism and unwanted intrusions by providing immediate protection for your business and home.
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