Cloud-Based Identity / Access Management Reduces Time and Cost

As more businesses learn about “software as a service” (SaaS) and its potential for improving security measures that involve identity and access management, the demand for cloud-based applications is increasing and branching out into other areas of IAM that encompass even the most rudimentary of security options.

Although companies utilizing applications designed to streamline IAM functions still need to handle some aspects of the application exclusively, such as the administration and restriction of access rights to individual users and the automatic regulation of accounts, SaaS intended to enhance security is developing methods to increase the level of interface support that will eliminate current challenges and vulnerabilities.

Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Companies that allow a cloud service to run their identity management system are participating in “identity as a service” technology. Basically, it simply means that a company is relying on a cloud service to set up, monitor and maintain the system while communicating with clients via an interface.

Mid-size and growing organizations are actively seeking solutions to problems with time and cost in regards to IAM and an IDaaS solution can provide the security they need without risking large investments that may jeopardize internal stability. In fact, most on-premises identity and access management systems can cost upwards of $1 million and take over a year or even more to integrate into companies containing complex administration hierarchies and employing thousands of employees. The few IDaaS providers available today can install their system within 30 to 60 days and ask for a one-time setup fee that is much more affordable than traditional IAMs.

Save time and money

In addition to reducing time and cost, an IDaaS solves security challenges involving maintenance and installation of an IAM as well as issues with customization, updating, patching of the system and indirect problems associated with resource erosion and acquisition of infrastructure components. Moreover, IDaaS facilitates the ability of companies to consistently execute compliance and policy requirements, enhance security power and preserve the integrity of investments already completed for the purpose of identity management.

Companies interested in implementing IDaaS should not confuse this system with cloud-based SSO, or single sign-on applications. SSOs permit the creation of a single password and username that is then authenticated by the provider and allows the person accessing the system to gain entry to additional applications without the need to log in a second time. Alternately, an Identity as a Service has the ability to incorporate a variety of functions that include multi-factor authentication, provisioning of all users, password vaulting and single sign-on.

Garner, Inc, a firm specializing in technology research, reports that IdaaS is gaining in popularity across the globe and is expected to experience even stronger growth in the next few years, with IdaaS projected to account for almost 30 percent of all IAM sales.
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