How to Meet Cold Weather Security Challenges?

Some homeowners, building managers and small business owners tend to approach the winter months as a time to worry less about safety and security. After all, many studies show that criminals who intend to do harm prefer to operate in warmer months and milder temperatures, not being all that different from other people in this sense. Break-ins, thefts and other serious crimes just seem easier to try in the spring, summer and fall, like picnics, baseball and bicycling, right?

Unfortunately, the colder, darker months of November through March on the East Coast of the United States bring special security challenges, largely as the result of the absence of daylight. How can homes, businesses and government installations be protected when the enemy cannot be seen? Accordingly, the winter months present a smart time to think about maintenance checks and upgrades in the security system that will provide benefits not just in the cold weather, but all year round. Some areas to review include surveillance cameras, intercoms and locks.

Darkness, the hallmark of the winter months, provides the perfect cover for thieves, robbers and other criminals. The temptation to commit crime in the colder part of the year makes it imperative to review the security and video surveillance system (CCTV) in use, especially the type of camera. As the days darken, consider the acquisition of an infrared security camera, which provides the highest-quality picture in low-light viewing situations, producing crisp black and white images by night. Not to mention, infrared cameras also film in color by day, which makes them a smart choice for any season. In addition, building managers and business owners might also consider outdoor cameras, which are built tough to withstand the elements. Defy snow, sleet and other damaging events of winter with a surveillance camera that comes equipped to take a beating.

When less light is available in the winter that also means more people will be relying on intercom systems to keep them safe and secure. As home residents and business owners lose the option to look out the window or door to confirm a guest’s identity, it becomes even more important to make sure the intercom system works reliably. For the strongest combination, consider an intercom system that combines audio and video elements for extra protection and identity recognition. Whether the intercom uses audio, video, or both, and no matter if it runs on a residential phone or computer network system, be sure to test the intercom before the winter starts.

Finally, in the season of gloves, hats and thick coats, many residents and employees find that they fumble to find keys in their pockets as they try to open doors. In addition to lost keys, the risks for security become higher as people wait at doors struggling to gain entry using traditional locks. Because of these delays, the winter offers an excellent time to consider upgrades in locks, which include keypad locks, biometric locks and magnetic strip locks that use plastic keyboards. Why not welcome the possibility of saying goodbye to individual keys in favor of more freedom for hands and increased safety?

Contrary to popular belief, the cold and dark times of the winter months present security challenges equal to those found in milder weather, particularly because of the lack of daylight. As a result, winter marks a strategic time to review security services and consider upgrades, especially in the areas of surveillance cameras, intercoms and locks. Even if homeowners, building managers and business operators decide to make no upgrades, at the very least, winter marks an occasion for a helpful annual maintenance check.
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