Commercial Applications of Access Control Systems in New York City

Have you ever thought of how much you have spent on securing your business from criminal activity? Expenses such as security lock replacements, tracking, retooling and paying technicians to perform maintenance every six months can accumulate and really take a huge chunk out of your budget. Monitoring who is accessing your company as well as its data, keeping track of when people come and go, how long they stay and what they are doing is not only time-consuming but out of date with what is available in regards to modern access control systems.

The best kind of access control system gives company owners the ability to provide ID cards to workers and visitors. Identification cards provide real-time control for owners who are not able to consistently monitor who is accessing the premises. Additionally, ID cards can be programmed to accommodate individuals who should only have access to specific areas of the facility. Temp workers, seasonal staff members and contract workers could then be prevented from gaining access to areas that are off limits only to permanent, previously secured employers.

Access privileges for those having ID cards can also be virtually changed, upgraded or deleted remotely by managers or other designated employers regardless of their location. Implementation of software with an access control system involving identification cards makes it easy for business owners to keep their company secure by going online and making the necessary changes even when they are hundreds of miles from NYC.

Although intercoms, locks and security doors help deter criminal activity, they are not 100 percent effective at preventing unwanted intruders. Access control systems are conveniently integrable with existing security devices to enhance your established method of security and make your company even more resistant to theft, vandalism and corruption.

With a state of the art access control system monitoring your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you will not need to worry about older security devices suddenly malfunctioning or needing expensive repairs. High-tech security systems today require little to no maintenance because they are based on a digital rather than a physical structure not affected by elements that commonly deteriorate less modern security measures.

Access security systems implementing ID cards not only ease your budget woes but ease your worries about maintaining a smoothly running, safe work environment for you and your employees. Upgrading security should also be considered an investment that may reduce the insurance policies covering your business and remove concern about data integrity.

To find out more about keeping your NYC business safe from all types of criminal activity, call Vertex Security today and ask about the various access control systems offering numerous benefits for you, your family and your employees.

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