Installing a DIY Home Security System could be Dangerous

Following a horrendous robbery at his New York City home that resulted in his family being tied up for several hours, Bob decided to purchase a do-it-yourself home security system. He thought he could save hundreds of dollars by installing the system with the help of his brother and a guide he found on the internet. According to the alarm system he bought, if an unwanted intruder were to force open a door or window, this action would trigger an extremely loud alarm, alerting his family that someone had illegally gained access to his home.

After spending an entire Sunday afternoon installing the home security device, Bob tested it and found that it seemed to work fine. Feeling more safe and secure, he began making plans to spend a quiet night at home with his family. However, after going to bed around 10 p.m., Bob and his wife thought they heard a noise downstairs. Sitting up in bed, they listened for a moment, did not hear anything else, and decided to go to sleep. After all, they reasoned, Bob and his brother had just installed that new security system. It would have gone off if someone had entered the home.

Unfortunately, what happened minutes later to Bob and his family has happened to hundreds of other people who had attempted to install home security systems without the assistance of a professional security company like Vertex Security.

Frequently, thieves who successfully rob a home or business return to the scene of the crime, hoping to obtain more valuables that they may have missed during their prior break-in. Because Bob's DIY home security alarm failed to work when the thieves once again broke into Bob's home, he and his family suffered another terrifying ordeal in addition to the loss of more valuables.

Installation of New York City home security systems by Vertex Security guarantees that the system will work when it needs to work.

If Bob had taken the time to read about the downside of security systems installed by non-professionals, he would have realized that spending a few extra dollars to have licensed technicians implement an alarm system would have meant the difference between experiencing another devastating break-in and preventing such a harrowing event from plaguing his family ever again.

In addition to home security systems capable of protecting you at all times, the benefits of utilizing the expert technicians working for Vertex Security in New York City include:
  • Reducing occurrences of property crime
  • Knowing that your home is being optimally protected while traveling or on vacation
  • Deterring potential criminals by posting warning signs on your home stating that your home is protected by a professionally installed security system
  • Home insurance discounts due to implementation of an approved security system
If you don't want what happened to Bob happen to you, call Vertex Security in New York City today and talk to one of the helpful and courteous technicians available who will answer all of your questions and help you decide which home security device is best for you.
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