Different Kinds of Security Systems

Security System Options: Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home, Business and Automobile!

Once you are the victim of a robbery, feeling safe again seems like impossibility. Fortunately, having a professional security company install one or more of the many different kinds of security systems in your home or business will allow you to once again feel safe, secure and in control of your life.

Effectively protecting your home or business is vital to ensuring your loved ones and your livelihood remains unharmed and inaccessible to dangerous criminals who are intent on devastating your life. While some individuals prefer the idea of keeping a gun around for protection, this may lead to unexpected consequences that could have been avoided by opting for a reliable and discreet security system instead.

Different types of security systems include:

Indoor Security Systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Closed circuit television cameras
  • Motion detectors with automatic alarm relay systems
  • Keypad locks
  • Remote entry locks
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Security doors
  • Window locks
Keypad locks and deadbolts are excellent methods to use when living in an apartment building, while CCTVs and wireless intercoms are more suitable for larger residences or businesses. Keyless entry deadbolts provide powerful security due to computer chip technology inserted into the lock. This chip can be pre-programmed to automatically lock a door once it closes and possess something called a "rolling code technology", which means burglars who attempt to access the radio signal won't be able to, no matter how long or hard they try. Keyless entry deadbolts using rolling chip technology randomly select codes from over 4 billion different codes each time it is used.

Outdoor Security Systems
  • Electric fence
  • Remote entry gates
  • Closed circuit television cameras
  • Motion sensors with automatic floodlight activation
  • Driveway alarms
  • Garage door keypad locks
  • Window grills and bars
Installing wireless security systems if possible is advantageous for the home or business owner because criminals cannot deactivate the security system by cutting wires necessary for operating a wired security system.

Automobile Security Systems

Beyond your home or business, your automobile is the most vulnerable to criminal activity. Even though cars contain high-tech security measures, thieves can quickly break into a car, rig the ignition and drive away in a matter of minutes. Installing a good security system in your vehicle will greatly reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of auto theft. Types of auto security systems include:
  • Audible security systems - car alarms and motion detectors
  • Inaudible security systems - automatically sends a message to your smart phone or email warning you of possible unwanted auto intrusion
  • Central lock and engine lock - effectively locks all doors upon detection of a suspected intrusion and inhibits engine starting
  • Satellite tracking - assists in locating the vehicle if it is stolen by alerting a police station
  • Hidden CCTV - when placed strategically in a car, a camera will provide definite proof of who is stealing the car by capturing his every move.
Don’t make it easy for a criminal to intrude in your life and ruin what you have worked hard for all your life. Install one or more security systems and discover the benefits of having peace of mind 24 hours a day.
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