Door Annunciators

Similar to traditional doorbells and buzzers, door annunciator systems are popular forms of security devices in New York City that warn workers in a retail store when someone has entered or left the shop.

A century ago, shop owners used to string carriage or cowbells over the door to alert them in case they were in the back performing tasks. Today, door annunciators are sophisticated electronic systems that are also used in various situations requiring minimal but effective security measures.

Door annunciators are also able to grant secured or remote access following verification of identity. Affordable and easy to install, annunciators are often integrated with video and intercom systems as well to enhance security when needed. This removes the necessity for a vulnerable individual to be physically present in order to open a locked door for another person.

Varieties of door annunciators include simply gang plates equipped with several LEDs to panels that are rack mounted and contain multiple control options. In addition, modern technology allows for complete integration with LAN, which further enhances the ability of door annunciators to provide an economical but efficient early warning system.

Benefits of Using Door Annunciators

  • More than one door opening can be connected to a centralized annunciator device, with differentiation of doors accomplished by illumination of multicolored LED lights on a display board.
  • In addition to knowing when a door opens or closes, users can also keep tabs on whether a door is locked or if the lock is functioning properly.
  • Information provided by door annunciators can be transmitted to personal computers or to access control devices so that notations of such information can be contained in audit logs.
  • Effectively monitors dressing rooms, large stock areas and warehouses and gives store associates the ability to remain aware of who is entering and leaving at all times.
  • Choice of volume settings and two, four or six second pauses between alert sounds.
  • Door annunciators can use batteries or external power
  • Isolated areas can be monitored with remote sounders that can be placed anywhere within a building
Criminals are immediately deterred when entering a shop equipped with a door annunciator since the main objective of most thieves is to intrude as quietly as possible, take the cash or valuables and leave before anyone catches them. However, they know as soon as they hear a door annunciator sound the alarm that others in the store will know that someone has entered and soon after emerge from the back to see who has entered their store.

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