Door Buzzers and Annunciators

Though both used commonly in urban security systems, buzzers and annunciators are different apparatuses with different functions. Both, however, have a great deal of functionality in a busy space such as a business, office, or residential building in New York City.

what is Door annunciator?

An annunciator is a device that sets off a signal whenever a particular entry point has been passed by. In other words, an alarm sounds to alert a storeowner or store clerk when someone has entered the space. In their more archaic form, annunciators are a bell attached to a doorway. In a more technological form suited for a multi-room space or large space where a bell might not do the trick, annunciators are electronic. Electronic annunciators give off a variety of sounds including a buzz, a beep, or music.

Although the annunciator announces when a person has entered a space, a door buzzer announces when a person wants to enter a space. Door buzzers are used at the doorway of office buildings, the foyers of residential buildings, and the loading dock of many stores, offices, and residences. Door buzzers allow the person wishing to enter the space to hit a button to alert the person inside of his or her presence. It is the up to the person inside to either grant or deny access.

what is Door buzzer?

Door buzzers are a lot like the doorbell that most suburban homeowners know of. However, a door buzzer has added features such as an intercom, which allows the person inside to communicate from within the building with the person outside. Door buzzers also give the person inside the ability to unlock the door and therefore grant access to the visitor with the push of a button. This is especially useful in large buildings where actually going to the door to let every visitor in would be time consuming and disruptive to the work day.

Door buzzers now also offer additional security features such as video intercom, which actually allows the person inside the building to visually identify the visitor in order to grant or deny access. For large buildings with a lot of people coming and going, this can be an excellent feature and a great way to keep unwanted parties out of the secure space.

As a means of keeping a building secure, door annunciators and door buzzers serve different, distinct, and important purposes.

Particularly in a city, it is important that the person in charge of a space knows who is in the space, when they entered, and what they are up to within the space. If people are consistently coming and going and a storeowner is not aware of it, there is a good chance that inventory will be stolen. Same so for a residential building, where the safety of residents and their property should be of utmost concern to the building manager. An insecure residential building is like a sitting duck in a major city: it will be broken into and property will be compromised.
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