Economical Security Strategies for Businesses

Security is an issue that faces every single business owner. Whether it’s protecting assets such as merchandise, office equipment, or tools from thieves or protecting your best-kept secrets from leaking out to the public or to a competitor, every business owner must protect his or her property. Of course, there is a wide range of businesses out there, and with it, a wide range of needs for those businesses. Security systems are not a one size fits all kind of purchase.

To figure out what type of business security system is going to best protect your business assets, it’s a good idea to speak with a security systems professional, who can give you guidance about the many options that are available to you and the ways that they may might function in your space. However, before you sit down with a professional, do your homework. Any meeting you have with someone you are considering doing business with will go better if you go in prepared. You should be aware of how the industry generally works so that you can navigate the conversation and be assured you are not being taken advantage of.

So, how does the security systems industry work? Most people, when looking at the sticker prices of security systems, will immediately look at the upfront cost of purchasing and installing a system. Though budget is obviously a factor in any decision making process, the upfront sticker cost is not the only thing to consider here. For most systems that involve monitoring, there is going to be a subscription fee to keep the system working properly. A system is of no use to you if it’s not properly enabled, so understanding the costs of keeping it running is absolutely integral to success of an installation.

What a lot of business owners don’t know going in is that there are plenty of security companies that will actually install a security system free of charge if the business is signing a subscription-based monitoring contract along with the installation. It’s a lot like getting a free cell phone when you sign a mobile service contract. Most companies that offer services that involve a monthly maintenance fee will either offer free installation or, at the very least, a discount on the monthly fee for handling installation with them as well.

Contracts with security companies are typically in multiple year increments and range anywhere between one and five years. As with anything, the longer the contract terms are for, the more competitive the monthly rate will be. So, if you know that you are going to be in one location for a long time and you don’t anticipate your security needs decreasing, it may be a good idea to enter a longer contract so that you can negotiate a lower rate.

Another way you might be able to save some money is by working with an insurance company that rewards the use of an advanced security system. It’s no surprise that insurance companies have a vested interest in the security of your business, and they reward you for taking an active role in protecting the insured materials.
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