Evaluate and Identify the Security Needs

In the past decade, many New York City residential and commercial buildings have reevaluated their security systems and have implemented new, state of the art technology to improve the overall security of buildings.

Experts say that when considering adapting new security measures to a building, it is important to first evaluate and identify the security needs of the building. Especially in New York City, many buildings house important, high profile individuals. The truth is that the presence of one high profile tenant can raise the security risk for the entire building, putting more than one individual at risk. It’s very important that building owners be aware of the security risks that exist within the community of their buildings and that measures are taken to protect all members of that community.

On the rise in city buildings and apartments are background checks for personnel and tenants alike. In most cases, this involves crosschecking references provided by the potential employee or tenant. In some cases, this may involve fact-checking an applicant’s claims against public records. Although extensive background checks can be expensive, in certain buildings where a need for security is extremely high, they may be very worthwhile pursuits.

Of course, physical access control has long been one of the most important aspects of a building’s security, and such remains the case today. Many buildings are embracing technology that has emerged in the realm of locks and entry points, installing card readers similar to those used in hotels to restrict access to a building to tenants only. For even further security, biometric readers are installed, which use the fingerprint of an individual to grant or deny access. Though biometric readers might sound like something that would only be used by the wealthiest of residences, their prices have actually dropped significantly as of late. They’re more ubiquitous than one might think.

With access control, special attention must be paid to entrances that are not the main entrance to a building, such as a loading dock or a rooftop door. All doors should be secured with automatically locking handles, and access from all points should be secured and restricted.

A common tradition in high-traffic, high-security buildings in New York City has been the presence of a doorman. This remains a common practice, with many building owners also now hiring security guards to work in accord with the doorman of the building. The presence of a security guard separate of the doorman allows for backup of sorts for the doorman, and it also allows for the security team to provide more services to residents of the building, such as being escorted to one’s car or to a specific area within the building.

In a post-9/11 world, residents and employees of buildings want to know that the area is secure. Working in harmony, advanced securities systems and security personnel are highly effective ways to secure a building space, especially in a busy and populous city like New York.
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