Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation

Address: 321 East 198th street
Bronx, New York 10468

Scope of Project: Comprehensive security solutions
Project Details: Access control, video surveillance, intercom systems, locks


The mission of the Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation, established by tenants and community leaders in 1980, is to improve our Bronx neighborhood by providing community run housing that is safe, sound and affordable. Vertex Security is an integral part of this mission with its work in our new Serviam Gardens project and nearly 40 other buildings for low-income tenants.

We operate and manage almost 100 residential buildings with over 3,000 apartments in the Bronx. One of our latest buildings, Serviam Gardens, offers 240 units of low-cost, high-quality housing to seniors in the borough. Vertex Security provides this new complex with access control and management services and video intercom services that bring piece of mind to senior residents and their loved ones.

In the Serviam Gardens, we are especially happy with the installation of a video intercom system that connects every senior resident face to face with life-saving help around the clock. The video intercom system connects to the security station through two emergency buttons in each apartment, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. No matter the time of day or night, seniors and their families take comfort in knowing that security can be reached with the push of a button.

Among our nearly 100 other buildings for low-income residents, Vertex Security provides vital solutions in access management and control, intercoms, security and video surveillance (CCTV), and locks. An access control system for 40 of our buildings is controlled off-site, including wireless receivers for cars. We appreciate the ability to monitor our residents’ safety from the convenience of one centralized location.

Vertex Security helps the Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation meet the critical aspects of our mission to provide safe, sound and affordable housing for low-income Bronx residents. With state-of-the-art technology in video intercoms, access control and management, and security and video surveillance, thousands of residents rest more easily. So do we.
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