Guide to Intercom System Safety

Most New York City apartment buildings are equipped with various safety features including an intercom system that is not only convenient but also prevents individuals from arriving at your front door unannounced and unwanted. With the ability to communicate with visitors, friends or delivery people without leaving the safety of their homes, apartment dwellers know exactly who are they are permitting to enter the building and avoid any unpleasant or possibly violent surprises.

Although intercom systems are one of the most effective security systems available for apartment complexes, they can still harbor security risks of which many people are not aware or fail to consider when using the intercom system. For example:

Do not let anyone in your building unless you first speak to them. Although you may be fully aware of who it is because you are expecting someone, it is irresponsible to permit them entrance without using the listen and talk feature of the intercom system.

Never let anyone enter the building on the solely on the basis of self-identification. For example, a visitor may tell you that they are so-and-so's friend (someone you know who lives in the building) delivering a package and, because that friend isn't home at the moment, could you please let them so they could just leave the package outside their door. While the majority of people claiming to be who they are is a valid claim, the chance that person may be a thug or psychopath always exists. Never let someone in your apartment building who you do not know personally.

Don't place your name next to your apartment number on the intercom panel. This makes it too easy for criminals to know exactly where you live and watch you long enough to become familiar with your routine, especially when you are not in your apartment. If tenant names appear beside numbers of apartment on the panel, ask your landlord to reconsider eliminating names to avoid possible criminal activity.

Intercom systems Installation in New York City

Intercoms installed by professional New York City security system installers like Vertex are dependable, long-lasting and resistant to tampering due to state-of-the-art materials implemented in the design of the system.

However, if you notice even a slight problem with your apartment building's intercom, don't hesitate to contact the landlord to inform him of the issue. One thing that apartment dwellers do not need is a faulty intercom system leaving their security vulnerable to hundreds of senseless, uncaring criminals roaming the streets of New York City.

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