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It is no surprise that in today’s day and age, the desire — and some would say, the need — for security is high. A heightened sense of unease brought on by the events of September 11, 2001 and an increasing sense of danger associated with violence in the United States contribute to the desire of many to have enhanced security systems in their homes. There is no place where this is more present than high end residences.

Celebrities and billionaires have always had homes that felt more like fortresses. Iron gates, intercoms, and round the clock personnel have long been a staple of the celebrity home, as anyone who has ever done a driving tour of Hollywood is well aware. However, as technology has boomed, so has the capability of security systems to do — better — what those more archaic features have been doing for decades. High end homeowners today desire the best and most technologically advanced systems that are available, and security system professionals are available to answer the call.

Of course, affordability plays into this desire. There was a time when installing the type of security system that you can today achieve for about five thousand dollars would have been considered extravagant even for the extremely well to do. But as technology has advanced, the possibilities have grown and now a serious security system is within reach, particularly for those with the types of mansions that would necessitate high end end security.

Trends are similar in this realm as they are in the more relatable home security systems field. We all want a quick response time. For the celebrity or billionaire, local authorities being alerted directly via the security system is all the more important. Unlike everyday citizens, it’s common for a celebrity home to be breached by a person with an unhealthy infatuation with the celebrity. These stalkers sometimes mean well and sometimes do not — and they are never welcome. Knowing that local authorities will be dispatched the second a breach occurs is a huge area of importance for most celebrities.

In addition to a quick response time, the ability to view and access security systems remotely remains an important feature. As technology advances, wireless and cloud based security system are becoming commonplace. In a cloud based system, all of the security footage is stored remotely in a cloud, thus allowing for it to be accessed from anywhere. In today’s day and age when iPhones and iPads allow us access to just about anything from anywhere (Drive to the bank to check your balance? Please.), the desire to control a security system from the movie set, the office, or the beach is inevitably important.

Most high end security systems feature some sort of video surveillance, and often a great deal of cameras are installed on the property, which is likely to be vast. These many cameras have eyes on the property at all times and record information that is then sent to the cloud, allowing it to be accessed and analyzed from anywhere.
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