Choosing the Most Effective Alarm System For Your Home

While securing your New York City home with a security alarm deters most potential intruders, an alarm system possessing an "external" alarm may be even more effective than an "internal" alarm system. Installing an external alarm system in your residence means that once someone breaks into your home, a loud alarm will sound outside the structure rather than just inside the building. Enhancing such an alarm with the ability to contact your local police station or a private security service will further inhibit a robbery from occurring, especially if the thief realizes that the alarm system is equipped with such an attachment.

Important Information Regarding Alarm Systems

Ask New York City security professionals who install your external alarm system to provide an automatic cutoff circuit in case you are not at home and no one is available to turn off the alarm. The best kind of system will stop the alarm from sounding after a certain length of time and will also reset the alarm so that it is immediately ready to go in normal mode.

Alarms that immediately dispatch a signal to police or security service require a code in order for you to give them validation of the alarm. When a police station or security agency receives a residence alarm signal, an officer or guard will call your residence. If you are home, you need to give him or her this code; if you are not at home or provide the security individual with the wrong code, law enforcement will then be quickly dispatched to your residence.

Extremely dependable and sophisticated, this type of alarm system needs to be installed by professional technicians working for the security service who employ people specifically for answering this alarm system. Although security systems such as these are more expensive because it involves actual people working for a security service, it is an excellent method to provide the ultimate in crime deterrence and unauthorized break-ins for any New York City resident.

Many New York City residents add panic buttons to their alarm systems, which allows instant implementation of the alarm if an emergency were to arise in any area of the home. Fire protection in the form of heat and/or smoke detectors are able to be attached to security systems as well.

Theft Alarm Systems

An "active" theft alarm system indicates a system is installed which contains motion detectors in the form of ultrasonic sound waves or infrared rays able to detect heat. These rays extend across rooms within a residence and will sense movement when a body or other mass disrupts the waves, causing deflection of the rays which triggers the alarm unit. Also referred to as modular alarm systems, active alarms are fairly easy to install and do not require any wiring or programming. However, one module will secure only one room so homeowners will need to purchase as active alarm system for each room.

Motion detector alarms provides security for those who leave their homes for extended business or vacation trips. They are not practical to use while people are living in the home since any kind of motion will set off the alarm.

A "passive" alarm system involves placing contacts on areas which are frequently entered, such as doors, garage doors or even windows. These contacts are connected to one main control panel which can be turned on or off at any time. Passive alarm systems announce the opening of a door or window by emitting an external or internal beeping or alarm every time the contact is tripped. Unlike active alarm systems, passive systems can be left on day and night when a family lives in the home because the alarm can be programmed to stop beeping after 10 or 15 seconds.

Because extensive wiring is needed to install a passive alarm system, it is recommended that New York City homeowners let professional technicians set up the alarm system. This prevents future issue arising which means the user of the alarm system does not have to worry about troubleshooting, which frequently occurs when this type of alarm system is installed by a non-professional.
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