Home Alarm Security Systems

Of the many things that we go to lengths to protect in our worlds, the health and safety of family members and ourselves should always be top of the list. For this reason, many families choose to install a home alarm system.

A home alarm system is a security system that prevents trespassers and burglars from entering your home. Modern home alarm systems also prevent from other dangers such as fire. As with all security systems, there are a wide range of functions and types available on the market today.

A monitored system is a home alarm system that is connected to a central call center run by a security company. When an alarm is triggered, a call is immediately placed to the central call center. The call center then contacts the homeowner via a provided phone number. If the homeowner reports that the alarm was triggered accidentally and no police reinforcement should be sent, the homeowner must provide the call center with a code or password. If the code or password is incorrect, the police are notified.

When these types of alarms first emerged, they were connected to the central call center through the home phone line at the house. Savvy intruders, therefore, were able to snap the phone wires and cut off communication between the home alarm system and the central call center. However, in recent years, cellular and radio backup systems have been installed into monitored systems.

There are also unmonitored home alarm systems available for home use. In an unmonitored home alarm system, there is no call center attached to the alarm. Instead, if the alarm is triggered, a loud noise goes off to alert the intruder that he or she has been caught. In this instance, the police are not immediately notified, so if the homeowner is not home, a nearby neighbor or passerby would have to have the sense to notify the police.

Wireless security systems function exactly as they sound: wirelessly. Wireless systems are typically battery powered and transmit their information via wireless signals or radio transmission. Wireless systems are fairly easy to install, and therefore many homeowners who do not want to invest a lot of time or money into a security system opt for wireless. However, wireless systems are susceptible to interference from other radio transmitter devices such as cellular phones or radios.

Types of Home security systems

Home security systems come in two types: wired and wireless. Wired systems are hard-wired into the walls of the home and uses power from the electrical wiring in the home. Many people consider hard-wired systems to be the most reliable systems available. Because they are hard-wired into the home, they are installed by a professional and come with warranty support. They also do not have many of the modern problems that wireless transmitters have, such as interference from cellular devices. Wired systems are the most popular of the home security systems available today.

Fire safety components are also available in many home security systems. In this instance, if smoke is detected, the alarm behaves the same way it would when an intruder has entered the house. This can greatly impact the health and safety of the family.
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