Home Surveillance Systems On The Rise

Home surveillance systems are growing in ubiquity due to a new and exciting technology that is now available on the market: remote storage for security system information.

Gone are the days when a closed-circuit system was either surveyed or was moot. Ah yes, there was a time - in the not-so-distant-past - when closed circuit feeds were manned by a security guard who actually sat and watched for anything strange occurring on screen. Although some of these feeds - which were recorded on something hard and tangible, like tapes - were backed up and saved for the long hull, cases were very few and far between. It took a real need, and a real budget, for a home to have the type of surveillance system that created and captured information that would be useful if, say, a burglary were to be discovered twenty-four hours after it occurred.

As many of us know, the internet and other digital technologies have made our lives - and data management - a whole lot easier. We can now carry thousands of songs around in our pockets, rather than keeping a sleeve of CDs in our cars, or worse, a box of records in our trunks. We now watch TV when we want to, mainly because of digital recording devices called DVRs. Yes, our world is a very access it anywhere, anytime kind of place. So too, are our emerging security system technologies.

Cloud-based security systems are taking the nation by storm, and it’s no wonder. These systems allow a user to access the security cameras in his or her home from virtually anywhere on earth -- presuming that there is internet access available, of course. They allow a user to manipulate commands within the space remotely, too. A user can lock a door, unlock a door, or alert authorities all from outside of the home and all with the eagle eye of cameras on the home. Guessing games are not necessary when you can easily access the visuals of your home from anywhere.

These systems are also taking advantage of our advancements in data storage. The information recorded with IP-based video surveillance systems is stored remotely, thus allowing for a user to access the information should an issue arise. This is of particular importance to those who realize something is amiss after it has actually happened. With remote access to backlogs of information, a user can log in and see everything he needs to see from a particular window of time.

Because of the convenience and user-friendliness of the systems, and ultimately the functionality that technology has lent to these systems, IP-based home surveillance systems have grown in popularity exponentially in recent years. Home security professionals are thrilled that technology has made it possible for so many homeowners to keep their homes secure while keeping costs down. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect functionality to continue to improve and prices to continue to fall.
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