Tuxedo Touch: Honeywell Home Security System

Honeywell, the US-based security systems company headquartered in Morristown, NJ now offers a revolutionary home security management system called Tuxedo Touch. Tuxedo Touch incorporates a wide range of the home automation services that Honeywell is known for and embraces the technologies available to users today by working in web and smartphone integration.

The main features of Tuxedo Touch are:

Streamlined Home Management

The central hub for Tuxedo Touch is a seven inch touchscreen with a crystal clear picture. From this screen, users are able to control a wide range of home management tasks such as the home’s heating and cooling system, the locks on the doors, automated blinds and shades, and of course, the security system.

Mobile Phone Integration

Users have become accustomed to having access to nearly everything via their smartphones - from bank accounts to messaging and beyond. Tuxedo Touch allows the user to have access to the home via the smartphone, as well. The smartphone integration application in Tuxedo Touch basically turns the smartphone into a home remote control. Heating, cooling, blinds, locks, and security settings can all be managed from afar. Further, if cameras are part of the security measures at the home, a user can view what’s happening in and around the home via the smartphone. Alerts can also be set up so that a user is made aware of any changes at or around the home via the smartphone.

Web Integration

The Tuxedo Touch controls system is web-based. This means that in addition to the ability to manage the system via a smartphone, a user can also manage the system through a variety of other devices in the home. As long as they are connected to the web server, web-enabled televisions are an additional device that can control the system. This means that although the main control panel may be in the living area of the home, if there is a web-enabled TV in, for example, the bedroom, the user can control the system from bed, too.

Keypads and Locks

Tuxedo Touch’s door lock system incorporates a keypad and an automated lock system. This means that doors can be locked an unlocked remotely via the Tuxedo Touch control system or smart phone application. This is an incredibly convenient feature that helps should someone forget to lock the door on the way out. Moreover, should you need to grant someone access to the home while you are not physically present, you can unlock the door for them remotely without having to give them a key or the keypad entry code.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to providing enhanced security features, Tuxedo Touch also offers the ability to control lights, heating, and cooling, as well as automated blinds. This means that temperatures can be automated for ultimate comfort for when you return to the home without heating or cooling the home while you’re out. Energy efficiency is good for the environment and helps to keep utilities costs within the home at a manageable rate.
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