How Access Control Systems Can Work for Your Company

When we think of access control systems, we typically regard them in their most common form. An individual swipes or presents a card at the entrance to a building and is therefore granted (or denied) access to the building. Such systems have long been used to give workers access to an office. However, did you know that there are many other - more intricate - ways that access control systems can help to boost the efficiency of a business?

Access control cards are hooked up to a computer, and that computer can provide a great deal of information. For example, an access control system can tell you when each of your employees arrived to work, what time they left, and on what day these comings and goings occurred. With regard to managing hourly employees, this information can be of great assistance. You no longer need to rely on the opinions of your employees as to how many hours they worked -- the proof is in the data. What’s further is that rather than entering comings and goings manually for payroll purposes, you can actually set up an access control system to report directly to a payroll company. This drastically reduces the likelihood that you could ever make a mistake.

Access control systems can also be set to restrict access, case-by-case, based on a schedule. For example if you are fine with your managers coming into work on the weekends but see no need for the receptionist to be there, you can simply put that information into the computer. When one of your managers shows up, she will be permitted access to the building. If the receptionist happens to stop by outside of the hours that you’d like her there, her card won’t work. This is a great way to make sure that you know who is where and when - even when you aren’t there.

Similarly, you can use an access control systems to restrict access not just to the office at large, but to particular areas within the office. Many offices have areas that contain sensitive information and materials. For a wide range of reasons, you may have only particular personnel in your company that you are comfortable with allowing to have access to sensitive materials. With an access control system, you can allow - say, to bring her in again - the receptionist to access the main office area as well as the break room, but not the area where payroll information is kept.

Some companies also use access control systems for intra-office scheduling. Many offices have conference rooms. In the old days, there would need to be someone at the office who was in charge of scheduling use of the conference room. With today’s ever-expanding technology, many offices use an online logging system for reserving conference room areas. Hooked up to an access control system, you can actually have the keycard work for individuals who have reserved a particular time and not work for those who have not.

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