How CCTV and Intercoms can Reliably Secure Your Home and Business?

For the latest in high-tech security devices that effectively prevent criminal activity from devastating your New York City home or business, as well as providing you with peace of mind, closed-circuit televisions and video intercoms epitomize the best in surveillance equipment.

When you have this comprehensive security system properly installed by a professional and qualified security business like Vertex, the possibility of being struck by destructive criminal activity is minimal to none. In addition, if your home or business does happen to be the target of a robbery, the entire incident will be videotaped so that police will be able to identify the criminal and provide you with the justice you deserve.

What is CCTV?

This security device is called "closed-circuit" because only you, your family or business staff can view what is being monitored by cameras strategically place throughout a home or building. Cameras can also be established outside that provide continuous, comprehensive real-time views of yards, parking lots or other areas surrounding the exterior of the building. When you or someone else is unable to monitor the remote video screens, the footage can then be recorded to view at a later, more convenient time. Never again miss suspicious characters prowling around your home or business with a CCTV.

What is IP CCTV?

Remote control of CCTV is accomplished with Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television, which enables you to broadcast surveillance footage on your computer so you can view what is happening in and around your home or business at any time you wish. Footage can also be viewed via smart phone applications.

Cameras are programmed to detect the slightest motion in the vicinity through microchip sensors relaying this information to camera adjusters that immediately point the camera in the direction of the detected activity. This provides even more security for those remote interior areas hidden by corners or odd-angled ceilings.

By enhancing the convergence of security, information and communication, IP CCTV, provides users with single, dynamic network from which to control the safety of their environment as well as the people in that environment.

Benefits of an Intercom System

When you combine an intercom with a CCTV security system, you get the added benefit of seeing and speaking to any one outside a building before permitting them to enter. Because a potential criminal may try to disguise his or her voice, actually being able to see the clear image of someone wanting to gain access to your business or residence can prevent unexpected and sometimes violent intrusions of unsavory characters.

As crime continues to rise and criminals become more sophisticated in their methods of illegal enterprise, having a CCTV security system is vital to promoting the safety of your home or business. Vertex Security can provide you with that kind of crucial and fundamental security with the installation of a CCTV and video intercom system.
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