How Intercoms Increase Security in a Crowded City Like NYC

In the typical New York City apartment, house or business, conditions like high-rise buildings, noise and small windows make it difficult to see and hear who seeks entry to your home or office. But with so many people coming and going in the crowded city, and potential dangers present at every turn, it is more important than ever to know the identity of people ringing the doorbell or buzzer. Intercoms help homeowners and business people answer the timeless and critical security question, “Who is there?”

Whether basic in design or with advanced features, intercom systems connect different areas of the home or office to foster communication that creates peace of mind. Intercoms may be installed for external or internal use, based on existing phone lines or computer networks. They offer durability and reliability that are key in the five boroughs of New York City, where no one knows what security challenge may arrive with the next guest. Intercoms commonly are available as audio, audio/video, phone entry, and IP.

Audio intercoms permit users to talk by voice from different areas of a large space, such as a city apartment building or a world-renowned office complex. When installed outside, audio intercom systems allow residents or employees to screen prospective guests from the external point of entry. In this way, a simple push of a button and question can prevent an unsafe person from gaining access to a home or workplace. Audio intercoms may also be installed internally to facilitate communication between distant rooms and desks. Internal audio intercoms promote quick conversations and public announcements that also can be lifesaving on the inside.

When you need to see and not just hear the person on the other end of the intercom, use a system that adds video to audio. Audio/video intercoms offer sharp images in addition to clear sound, which increases the security in a New York City home or office where monitors can also see who seeks entry. If a user wishes to use the intercom for internal communication, the addition of video helps to create a sense of camaraderie among family members and coworkers who share information with each other from distant locations in the home or office. Many audio/video intercoms include innovative features such as color imagery, video memory and pan, tilt and zoom views to enhance the user and security experience.

Phone entry intercoms offer a less expensive and convenient way to increase security in the large apartment buildings common in New York City. When a visitor picks up the phone intercom, residents are called without making a call to a central office, which skips telephone charges. A phone intercom system also does not reveal the number of the resident called, which maintains privacy. What residents receive with a phone entry system is convenience and peace of mind at a lower cost.

If flexibility and reach matter, homeowners and office managers may want to consider IP intercom systems. These most modern of systems distribute audio and video signals on a computer network, where the intercom system acts like any other computer on the local area network. The advantage is that many locations in different buildings can be connected, a growing concern for security experts in large buildings common to New York City.

While no one would open a home or office door without knowing who stood on the other side, it can sometimes be impossible to see or hear a visitor in crowded New York City. Intercom systems, from basic audio to advanced IP systems, help homeowners and office employees identify the people who seek entry to their spaces. The ability to know who wants to enter can help prevent security problems before they start.
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