How a Security System Protects Your Home or Business

Security systems are constructed to sense movement or intrusion, decide what function to implement that effectively deals with the intrusion and to act on that decision by fulfilling a set of pre-arranged, encoded instructions. Installing a security system in a residence or business is the best way to protect your loved ones, assets and valuables from unwanted intrusion and theft.

Although many kinds of security systems are available, ranging from simple alarms to extensive closed circuit television surveillance systems, they all possess the ability to greatly reduce the risk of being victimized. Moreover, retail businesses with CCTV systems that record everything occurring inside as well as outside their business can use captured images of intruders to help police apprehend thieves and vandals.

How Do Security Systems "Sense" Intruders?

Security systems use different types of sensors to detect movement in an otherwise uninhabited environment. For example, passive infrared sensors pick up infrared light that radiates from something that has moved into its viewing field. Light and burglar alarms that operate under automatic activation systems frequently utilize PIRs.

Active alarm sensors or "ultrasound" sensors detect intrusions via transducers that emit intense sound waves capable of striking solid objects moving within the sensors field. When these sound waves are interrupted by something tangible, the disruption sets off the alarm due to the sensitivity of the sensor.

Security fences usually made of chain-link wire mesh are equipped with fence disturbance sensors that use transducers to detect physical activity near and on the fence. Also called electric fences, fence disturbance sensors are so sensitive that they can respond to disturbances as minimal as rain, win and even high traffic movements.Closed circuit television cameras used for security purposes employ video motion detection to detect intrusion of a physical presence in a selected area. Users of CCTVs need to install motion detection software on computers that receive transmissions from cameras in order to view and record any unwanted activity.

Buildings constructed of multiple, large windows are can be protected by "glass break" sensors, which are sensors that actually "hear" the distinct sound of glass breaking and automatically activate an alarm. Shattered glass has a unique sound pattern that is encoded in these sensors using computer chip and sound wave technology.

Magnetic "sensors" or detectors are commonly used in residences and are used on doors and windows to detect forced intrusions. This type of sensing alarm does not require electronic elements. Instead, magnetic sensors work by triggering an alarm control panel switch located within the home. When the door or window is closed, a metal switch attached to the magnet lies in a closed position. Opening an entrance device equipped with a magnetic sensor signals the alarm, instantly alerting the homeowner to a possible home invasion.

With today's criminals becoming more sophisticated and determined, sensor-equipped security systems provided by Vertex Security can give your home and business the best and most dependable protection available to deter theft, vandalism and possible personal injury.

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