How to Effectively Secure Your Property

Physically securing your property means developing an effective security strategy that is designed to protect the inner and outer perimeters of your property as well as the interior. This means implementing several different types of security that target specific areas of your property in order to prevent criminal activity from damaging your assets.

Property lines delineating the start and end to your property are referred to as the outer perimeters. Outer perimeter security systems are meant to detect physical intrusions onto your property by triggering an alarm system installed within the home. Alternately, some OPS systems do not use alarm systems because they do not need them, such as electric fences that generate painful, high voltage shocks to people coming in contact with them.

Alternately, encircling your property with a tall, sturdy chain link fence topped by rolls of barbed wire offers a non-electronic method to preventing unwanted individuals from trespassing. However, while this type of security system may deter impulsive criminal activity, experienced thieves possessing professional criminal tools and a sense of determination may penetrate this kind of outer perimeter security system and compromise your property and your family's security.

For this reason, Vertex Security offers a variety of extremely effective "inner" perimeter security systems that protect windows, doors and other entrances to your home or company building. Types of IPS systems include traditional the traditional lock and key, motion sensing detectors that trigger alarms when a window or door is opened, deadbolts and wireless alarm systems. Features of a basic wireless alarm system include base stations, wireless motion sensors, remote controls equipped with panic buttons and the ability to store emergency numbers in the system's base for immediate contact with law enforcement.

Flood lights operating under motion sensing technology are also compelling deterrents to criminals attempting to break into your home or business. These lights are usually installed along a driveway, walkway and also along the edge of a house or building's roof and immediately "flood" the area with high-intensity lights when movement is detected.

The deepest level of security involves effectively protecting the interior of your business or home where family members as well as valuable assets are at risk for harm or theft. Interior security is best implemented with cameras that are guided by sensoring devices able to detect movement in areas where there should be no movement. In addition, electronic access control systems consisting of keypads that require input of a specific passcode can block unauthorized individuals from gaining access to restricted areas.

Remembering to lock your doors and windows can be difficult when you are stressed or in a hurry, leaving your property open to opportunistic criminals and your family members subject to a possibly traumatic experience. Make sure your home or business is safe and secure at all times by investing in a reliable and professional security system provided by Vertex Security.
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