How to Install a Security Camera?

One of the most effective devices New York City home and business owners can install for the purpose of crime prevention are security cameras. External surveillance cameras not only provide a constant flow of images taken from different angles outside a building but they also deter criminals who notice the cameras and realize that committing a robbery on this particular establishment is not such a good idea.

computer monitors where they can be viewed 24/7. Consequently, the immediate detection of unwanted intruders via internally installed security cameras means that criminal activity can be instantly reported to local law enforcement.

Installing a Security Camera

  • Determining the optimal areas in which security cameras will provide the best results is vital to the success of your security system. If you are not sure about the placement of security cameras, professional security businesses like Vertex Security can provide expert advice regarding functional arrangement of surveillance cameras.
  • Receiving clear images is important to discerning criminal activity and the faces behind illegal actions. Internal security cameras are more sensitive than cameras designed for outdoor use so inside cameras should be mounted in structurally sound areas. Shaking cameras may not transmit the clearest of picture.
  • When installing outdoor security cameras, mount them near the roof of the building or where the walls meet the roof. Placement here provides shelter from the elements and minimizes the ability of criminals to vandalize the device.
  • Cables generally used to power security cameras are called RG59 Siamese Cables and consist of a negative (power) and positive (video) cable.
  • Homeowners frequently run their CCTV cables through the attic when installing outside security cameras. Business owners may use the uppermost area found in their buildings. Drill holes in necessary areas and pay extra attention when installing support brackets for cameras. The steadier a camera remains outside the better surveillance images you will receive.
  • Once the camera is operating, synchronize the computer monitor with the signal receiver by following the instruction manual included with your security camera. Monitoring your home or business via the Internet means you will need a fast server. Dial-up internet access will not work with high-tech security cameras.
If you perform each step correctly as instructed by the installation manual, your surveillance system should be operational and working within several hours. However, installation of more than one camera can be confusing and sometimes frustrating, with so many cables, wires and brackets to manage. Avoid the possibility of technical problems and have your security camera working the same day you purchase it by letting Vertex Security take care of the installation process. Technicians will also determine the best places to install both internal and external cameras and provide the expertise necessary to make sure your family or business is effectively protected.
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