How to Safeguard Your Home?

It has never been as important as it is today to safeguard your home from potential intruders. There are many steps that one can take to increase the security of the home. Below, we will discuss several solutions that will help to make your home safer and will give you peace of mind.

Lock Your Doors

It may sound obvious, but in a recent Consumer Reports study, almost twenty percent of respondents said that they would sometimes leave the home without locking up. A locked door is the simplest and easiest deterrent to a would-be intruder, and an unlocked door is the simplest and easiest invitation. If a person is able to simply turn a knob and enter your home, there is less a perceived chance that he or she will draw the attention of the neighbors. Easy entry into a home gives the appearance of being invited or belonging.

Lock Your Windows

Again, it may sound obvious, but in the same Consumer Reports survey, almost thirty percent of respondents said they would occasionally leave the home with windows open or unlocked. Particularly if a window is open, it’s incredibly vulnerable as an entry-point into your home. Screens, as it were, are a security point that is very easy to breach.

Invest In Solid Locks

Deadbolts are the most effective way to lock a door. If your home does not have deadbolts on the main entrances, it’s worth investing in them.

Give The Appearance You’re Home

Motion sensor lighting that turns on as soon as someone steps into the driveway is a cheap and convenient way to deter would-be intruders. Most people with bad intentions are on edge as they approach the home. Any indication that they may be about to be caught will heighten their senses and invoke their fight of flight response. Even though motion sensors are ubiquitous in this day and age, the instinct of someone who is nervous about another individual being present will be to assume that a homeowner flipped a light switch.

Beware of Dog

If you have been thinking about getting a new furry friend for the family anyway, doing so may help to increase the security in the home. Just like the flip of a light switch, the bark of a dog will startle an intruder and will do two things. First, it will make him or her second-guess whether or not the house is actually unoccupied by people at the moment. Second, it will make him or her fearful of the dog itself. Even medium-sized dogs can have very intimidating barks, especially when they feel threatened.

Security System

If home security is a concern for you, all of the above should be first steps, and implementation of a security system may be in order. A security system that’s hooked up to a central control center will keep watch on your house whether you are aware or if you are inside. Any intrusions will immediately alert the control center, who will contact authorities on your behalf.
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