The Evolution of Security Systems through IP-Based Technology

For companies who manage inventory or cash, video surveillance security has long been a major component of operations management. For some companies, this has meant one security professional sitting in front of a myriad of screens, looking for possible intruders or issues that might pop up. This type of security system management has been causing a headache for such companies for a long time. Due to completely natural human limitations, one person sitting in front of several screens has never been the best way to manage security in any space, let alone several spaces at once.

Until recently, there wasn’t much anyone could do about these systems. Video surveillance was necessary, and closed circuit analog systems were all that was available to achieve the type of video surveillance that was necessary. As technology has advanced, though, so has the realm of possibility when it comes to video surveillance management. The biggest advance by far is the introduction of IP-based video surveillance technology.

In an analog system, cameras are set up on a closed-circuit system, meaning that the video taken can only either be viewed in real-time within the system, or it can be recorded for later viewing. For companies with multiple branches and not a lot of ability to save video for later use, this has always been an issue. In an IP-based system, a viewer no longer has to be physically within one space to view video surveillance footage. Moreover, data can be stored remotely on a cloud and can then be accessed remotely as necessary.

What does this mean for companies?

For Large Companies

Large, multi-branch companies are now able to streamline their video surveillance systems across branches. In a global economy, having singular streamlined systems for all locations of one company is an important enhancement to operations management. Banks using IP-based video surveillance, for example, have the ability to use one security system to manage all of their branches. This allows for streamlined access control systems, such as using keyless entry or keypads rather than keys. It also allows for one set of rules and regulations to be established for the security management company that will be used across all branches. There’s no question that streamlined is better, particularly when it comes to managing a large multi-branch company.

For Small Companies

For a small company such as a boutique with two locations or a restaurant with several areas within it, video surveillance using IP-based technology allows the manager to access all cameras from anywhere. This means that when the business is closed or when the manager can’t be physically present, he or she can still have ready access to the goings on at the business. This makes owning and operating a small business a much more manageable endeavor. As many small business owners know, owning a business often requires one to wear many hats and to be in many places throughout the day. Streamlining security systems makes this more and more possible.

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