IP-Based Video Intercom and Surveillance Systems On the Rise

Trends in the world of home and business security are pushing toward IP-based video intercom systems due to their higher standard of video streaming and the in-depth circumstantial understanding that such systems provide to users.

The advent of smart phones and the prevalence of computers and Internet services in the modern area has lead to a shift in common behaviors amongst consumers. People want to be in control at all times, and they want the convenience of being able to control everything with the click of a button. The desire for control is coupled with a desire to be as fully informed about a situation as possible. We no longer answer the phone for a number we don’t recognize, so it stands to reason that we aren’t going to open doors for people we don’t know, either.

The video intercom system is a natural progression for a world that is ever expanding in its connectivity and technological advances. Though video intercom systems have been around for a while, those that do not use IP connections have their limitations. Mainly, they are not connected with the outside world. One of the biggest trends in both home and commercial security today is mobility. Consumers want to be able to view and in many cases control their systems from anywhere and at any time of the day.

IP-based video surveillance systems have the advantage of mobility, and they also boast a much higher standard of quality than analog systems. Gone are the days when a robbery is caught in blurry, grainy, black and white. With today’s IP video surveillance system, high-quality video is captured, allowing you to get a crisp image of all of the comings and goings in your space. IP video surveillance cameras also have a wider depth of viewing, giving you in essence peripheral vision in your space, allowing you to see beyond the parameters of what an analog camera would capture. Further, these new cameras also have the ability to pan and tilt, forgoing the issue of an image only capturing the head or shoulders of a robber.

Though many of the features offered by IP based video intercom and surveillance systems are preferable to those in areas that require high security, for a typical residence, the pricing may outweigh the benefits. IP based technology does tend to be more expensive than its analog counterpart, and therefore if you have very low video security needs, such advanced systems may not be a necessity in keeping your home safe. However, for the convenience of being able to survey a space from anywhere, IP based systems are definitely the way to go.

Manufacturers of IP-based video intercom and surveillance systems include AIphone, Linear, and Mobotix. This is a trend that it is sure to continue to grow as more consumers streamline their systems to cloud-based programs, allowing them access anywhere and at any time. As mobility grows as a lifestyle, so too will mobile options for home management.

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