IP Security Cameras

Most IP (internet protocol) security cameras are used for surveillance purposes and can immediately transmit images directly to a computer via the Internet. Although an IP camera is essentially a webcam, the term “IP” is reserved for cameras that have been integrated in residential or commercial security system.

A centralized ip camera needs an NVR (network video recorder) to operate and manage video, alarm and recording equipment. A decentralized internet protocol camera not does not an NVR; instead, these cameras exhibit built-in recording ability and can record precisely onto flash drives, hard drives or other digital storage media. While the majority of IP cameras available are centralized and demand the utilization of a central server, the decentralized camera is quickly becoming the surveillance “camera of choice” due to its all-in-one functionality and capacity to operate without a central management server.

In addition, each decentralized IP camera supports its own load, which enables it to scale quite easily in the highest resolution and provide clear images to internet-capable devices. Because this type of recording is possible, there is no bandwidth consumption and all video that is stored can be quickly accessed either remotely or locally. Homes and smaller businesses that do not require more than one or two camera set-ups will find decentralized internet protocol cameras ideal for providing excellent security management of the premises. Larger buildings, estates and industrial facilities will generally need centralized IP camera systems due to the necessity of multiple camera set-ups.

IP Camera Designs

Applicable for both interior and exterior security purposes, fixed IP cameras provide static views but can incorporate wide-angle lenses that capture wider images to compensate for their immobility. Fixed “dome” IP cameras are protected within a dome housing that can be pointed in different directions. Businesses like using fixed dome IP cameras because customers cannot tell which way the camera is pointing due to concealing nature of the dome. Fixed dome cameras can be mounted on walls and ceilings and are usually equipped with adjustable lenses.

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