IP Intercom Systems

IP intercom systems distribute audio and video signals on a computer network in an apartment building or office. The intercom system acts like any other computer on the local area network, which allows for flexibility. Multiple locations in different buildings can be connected for maximum reach.

IP intercoms are intercoms that are connected to a web-based server that can be accessed anywhere via a computer or smart phone. IP intercoms allow users to interact with a secure area from afar, making it possible to control who gains access to a space without needing to come face to face or even be in the same region as a visitor. IP intercoms take all of the common features of an intercom system – the ability to grant access, the ability to restrict access, the ability to communicate, and the ability to verify an identity – and make them remote.

IP intercoms are gaining popularity in home, business, and public building sectors

In a residential capacity, IP intercoms facilitate granting access to a family member who has forgotten a key or a service worker who is visiting the home from afar. This feature is also of particular interest to business owners who frequently have to visit office or retail locations to grant access to janitors and other maintenance workers.

With growing concern about school security in recent months, IP intercoms are being embraced by many school districts as the safest way to control access to a school building. By connecting all security systems and locks to one central cloud-based control panel, school officials have the ability to lock all of the doors in a building or an entire district with the click of one button.
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