Can Anyone Install A Home Security System?

Answering this question means making an objectively correct appraisal of your ability to understand instructions concerning high-tech, digital equipment. Be aware, however, that placement of security devices, programming and installation instructions are written in a manner that presupposes the consumer's experience and knowledge concerning security cameras, computers, Internet specifications and wiring.

You may find it necessary to perform several hours worth of researching "how to install" articles regarding security systems and cable hook-ups. The problem with this is that so many of these so-called "instructional" articles are nothing more than extended advertisements that actually deliver worthlessly generic information.

Installation of Security Systems

Do you have the time and patience needed to install a complete security system? If you are installing only one camera or one sensor for one window or door, then you probably do. However, one security device will do little to adequately protect your home or business. Professional security technicians recommend that all windows and doors accessible from the outside should be defended by installing motion sensors, nearby surveillance cameras or in-house alarm systems that alert others who are inside the building.

Rushing to complete installation of a security system causes people to make mistakes that are not only financially costly but also detrimental to the safety of those protected by the system. Moreover, you will need to decide what kind of system you plan to install as well--a wireless, hardwired or hybrid security system. Hardwired systems are problematic if installed by a non-professional due to the amount of wiring and drilling involved. Although the hardware required is not expensive, it will take longer to install this type of security system, which may present additional difficulties not found in wireless systems.

There are several advantages to a hardwired security system, such as its need for minimal maintenance and servicing. Additionally, the hardwired system will not become obsolete, as long as the original wiring was implemented correctly and no issues occur over time. Be aware that common hardwired security devices are usually limited to keypads and the company's control panel.

The easiest security system to install is a wireless system that relies on signal transmissions rather than wires and cables to provide alerts when criminal activity is detected in a structure. However, wireless security devices are the most expensive and include security cameras, monitors, outside motion detectors, DVR capability and real-time image capturing. Maintenance of these wireless systems consists of replacing batteries, upgrading internet access if necessary and dealing with the rapid obsolescence of digitalized equipment.
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