Installing an Intercom System

Making your NYC home as safe and secure as possible by installing an intercom system is one of best ways to greatly reduce the chance of suffering an unwanted home invasion. Affordable and quickly installed by professional technicians, intercoms allow family members to remain in communication with each other at all times within the home. In addition, intercoms can be set to sound an alarm when someone rings the doorbell or they can be used as an efficient way to evacuate all people inside a building in the event of an emergency.

Before installing an intercom security system, experienced technicians like those working for Vertex will perform several tasks to streamline the installation process and provide customers with an optimal security system:
  • Devise a customer-approved plan that describes the location, layout and appearance of items used in setting up the intercom system
  • Configure and size all wires in order to supply customers with a safe and reliable intercom system that does not interfere with daily activities within the home
  • Ensure that connections are made using one continuous wiring piece that has no splices
  • Securely attach the intercom system to structural framing
  • Any gaps existing around necessary cutouts are insulated and properly sealed so they are not visible after cover plates are attached to framing
  • Testing of intercom systems following installation is performed to certify that options and methods are operating according to the manufacturer's capacity rating
Other information regarding intercom security devices and installation includes:
  • The cost of an intercom system installation varies according to project size and difficulty of installing the system. Average cost generally runs between $450 and $650, with possible additional expenditures depending on customer desires or needs
  • Permits or official approval from building authorities is not necessary for installation of an intercom security system
  • Functionality and appearance of your intercom system could be severely compromised if unprofessional and inexperienced installers are permitted to initiate installation. An intercom security system is designed to be a reliable and effective protection device but may fail in your time of need if amateurs are left to install the system.
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