Home Intercoms: Intercom Systems Creating Connectivity at Home

Intercoms were once thought to be a device only utilized in giant mansions or in huge high-rise apartment buildings in cities. It is true that the intercom is a useful tool in both of these spaces, because it allows for communication across distance. However, for the same reason the intercom has recently become a staple of the modern residential homes, too. Opening up lines of communication between family members and providing a valuable mode of security, intercoms are an excellent way to streamline and protect homes of all sizes.

Intercoms have long been used in apartment complexes, where residents within individual units are able to speak to a visitor at the door to verify the visitor’s identity prior to granting the visitor access to the building. Intercoms serve the same function at a residential home. For example in some systems, when a visitor pushes the doorbell, the intercom is activated. This allows the homeowner to verbally speak to the person outside of the door to verify his or her identity and reason for visiting without actually opening the door. With the door open, many homeowners feel rendered vulnerable should the person on the other side of the door be an intruder or a person with ill intent. Beyond security, the doorbell feature of intercoms is especially attractive to elderly or disabled homeowners who have difficulty getting to the door every time a visitor arrives.

Intercoms also allow for communication across rooms, which is a great feature for parents who wish to keep an ear on what their children are doing. Acting as almost a permanent baby monitor, the intercom may be activated so that the parents can listen in on the children from another room. Though intercoms can be muted for privacy’s sake, this is a great feature for parents with small children.

Interestingly, in today’s day and age many families are using the in-house intercom for entertainment purposes, too. The intercom can actually be used as a universal entertainment system. Most models come with a radio and also CD and MP3 players. Using these features, a family can set music to play throughout the entire house or even on a patio. Intercoms today have several other tech-savvy features, including an alarm clock for morning wake up calls and radio presets.

Many intercoms also come with a video feature, adding to the security side of things by providing homeowners with a visual of visitors upon arrival. Further, for entertainment purposes, many intercoms with video screens come with a DVD feature, allowing families to watch videos throughout the home at their leisure.

And, of course, intercoms provide communication across rooms. Families can use the intercom to let one another know that a meal is ready, to make sure one another are awake in time in the morning, and to make one another aware of general goings on in the home.

Once thought of as only for the elite, the intercom has become an incredibly useful tool for families in homes of all sizes.

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