Intercom Systems Speak Volumes for Safety

As many as 800 different languages are spoken in New York City, a fact that illustrates the importance of communication in this world capital. With more than eight million residents, the largest city in the United States also poses significant risks for crime. Intercom systems in the Big Apple represent the place where communication and security meet.

Apartment dwellers and business visitors recognize intercoms as an essential part of daily life in New York City. Their basis purpose is to answer the important question, “Who is there?” and allow people in different rooms and even other buildings to communicate with each other and the guest at the front door. Knowing the identity of visitors and their purpose is a chief way to avoid security problems before they start.

Most intercom systems are so familiar as to require little explanation. In basic set-ups, the person wishing to enter a building or home rings the intercom and requests permission to enter via voice. The occupant of the home or building then allows or denies the entry, using a “buzzer” to unlock the door or personally coming to open it. More specifically, intercom systems consist of outdoor panels with call buttons assigned to each apartment or office, and individual intercom stations in the corresponding units of the building.

Audio intercoms are familiar to nearly everyone in New York City, but an increasingly popular and even safer option is the video intercom. Video intercoms allow occupants not only to hear the voice of their visitors, but also to see their image, which provides a much level of security. Any guest can disguise his or her bad intentions through speech alone, but it becomes more difficult to hide a criminal agenda when you can be seen.

Video intercoms may be one way or two way, but more commonly they provide only one-way viewing. This means that the occupant of a home or office can see the visitor, but the visitor cannot see them. The camera used to view the caller is installed on the intercom panel or nearby in the doorway or stoop. Inside, the intercom station will include a video monitor for viewing. This advantage allows occupants to assess their guests from the safety and comfort of their own home.

More and more, voice intercom systems have moved to rely on phones. Known as phone intercom systems, these devices call the phone system when someone rings at the front door rather than using the more traditional inside intercom unit. Phone integrated systems reduce installation work and cut down on the needs for intercom repair.

The simplicity of phone integrated systems compared to traditional intercoms makes them cost-effective. Affordability and accessibility make them a popular option in the city, where residents also like that phone entry systems can be accessed from anywhere. This means that the system could be connected to a mobile phone, and maintenance workers and other guests can safely be let into the home without you needing to be present.

Intercoms are as common to New York City as the multiplicity of languages. Nearly everyone is familiar with the traditional intercom systems that allow people to identify their guests, but more and more, advanced options include video intercoms for enhanced security and phone-integrated systems for the latest in convenience.
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