Intercom Systems for Residential / Aparment Buildings

Many people in New York City associate intercoms with large and small businesses, where they help receptionists monitor traffic at the door and promote communication between supervisors and employees. Most private intercoms on apartment buildings and houses appear so invisible as to go without notice, or they make up such a common part of everyday life that people fail to think about them. The regular appearance of residential intercoms can easily obscure the fact that this type of access control system is growing in popularity.

From a security standpoint, intercoms answer the most basic and important question about the identity of a visitor. In a crowded city with a population of millions, few people could imagine opening their door to their homes without an answer to that question. Providing an answer and helping residents decide whether or not to grant access to a visitor is what residential intercoms do every minute of the day in the metropolis. Intercoms prove especially helpful for residents who live in high crime areas or suffer harassment, either from a serious offender or just an overly eager salesperson.

Residential intercoms are available with a variety of features to suit the needs of the people who use them. Their cost increases according to the type and complexity of features included, with intercoms costing as little as $30 for a basic audio setup or upwards of $2,000 for a video system with extras like color cameras and remote controls for each room, depending on the purpose.

In basic intercom set-ups, which offer the most affordable option, a visitor to a residence presses an intercom button and requests permission to enter by voice. The resident responds and either decides to let the visitor inside using a buzzer to unlock the door or not. The set-up involves an outdoor panel with call buttons assigned to specific apartments or places in the house, which have individual intercom stations.

More and more, residents concerned about security choose to use video intercoms, which offer a way not only to hear, but also to see who wants to enter the home. This kind of intercom works especially well in high-crime areas or for people who have a history of being victimized because it adds an extra layer of security and prohibits a criminal from succeeding by disguising his or her voice. Most video intercoms offer one-way viewing, which means that the occupant of the apartment or home can see their visitor through the camera installed near the doorway, but the visitor cannot see them. Extras for video intercoms include color cameras and cameras that allow the visitor to be seen in any type of light or weather conditions, as well as CD changers and multiple remotes that allow residents to use the system from any room in their home.

Compared to traditional systems, another popular option for resident intercoms includes phone intercom systems, which call the phone system when someone rings at the door. Systems integrated with the phone reduce installation work and lessen the needs for intercom repair, a frequent pain for residents in the city where intercoms often break. Phone integrated systems also can be accessed from anywhere, which makes them an excellent choice for screenings guests on the go through a mobile phone.

When it comes to intercoms, many people think of big businesses and places where employees and clients interact with management. However, the fact is that residential intercoms continue to grow as a popular form of access control in the city, where threats to safety never cease.
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