Key Card Access Systems

For centuries, keys have been used to secure spaces and valuables and to restrict access to certain areas. Keys have come in various forms, from the antique skeleton key to more modern iterations. Many of these modern forms of keys contain copious information about the person using them, the areas they are able to grant access to, and the dates during which that access may be granted. The most common form of this type of high-level technologically advanced security is the keycard.

The keycard, which has gained popularity in recent years, is thought to be one of the more convenient modes of gaining access to a restricted area, as they fit easily into a wallet. Often used in major areas like office buildings, hospitals, and other secure areas, keycards activate a lock by being swiped through or in front of a sensor. Access is then either granted or denied based on the congruence of the information in the sensor and the information contained on the keycard.

The cards themselves utilize microchips or magnetic stripes, which contain valuable information about the card user such as his or her identity and areas that the individual may access with the card. The cards use radio frequency technology and may at times incorporate keypad access control points to accompany the security measures issued with the keycard itself. This adds an extra layer of protection, because in addition to the need for an individual to be in possession of a keycard to gain access, he or she must also have secure information in the code punched into the keypad. So, even if a card were to be lost or stolen, an individual will not necessarily gain access. Further even if someone spied on an individual passing through a locked area and knew the code to punch in, absence of the keycard would deny the individual access.

One of the most alluring qualities of the key card for areas that require high levels of security and access restriction is the difficulty one would have in attempting to copy a keycard. Particularly when paired with keypad access control systems, the combination of the magnetic strips, microchips, and identifying knowledge that a keycard requires makes this mode of security very difficult to copy.

Keycards are not as ubiquitous as simple lock and key type keys, and therefore it may be more difficult to come across a locksmith who has the capability to create a keycard for you. However, with the growing number of people using keycards, the number of locksmiths capable of providing them has increased too. If you have a need for a keycard, a simple search online should turn up local results for a keycard provider. As with any provider you find online, it’s a good idea to check references of past work to ensure you’re working with a true professional who will take your project seriously.
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