Key Fob Door Access Control

New York City boasts many buildings with intricate entry systems. Shared parking garages link buildings. Subway exits lead to corridors into office buildings. Through one elevator, access to hundreds of residences and office suites lie. There is no city that was more prepared to accept the advent of fob technology – a access control system that is changing the face of security across the world!

Fobs, which are small enough to fit on a key chain, are a form of keyless entry that is hooked up to an electronic server. The server possesses a great deal of power, giving a building owner who uses them a great deal of control over who enters, where, and how.

Key fobs make it possible for a building owner to control not only who enters the main space of a building, but also who enters spaces within the building. Some common uses for this technology include:

Residential Buildings

The key fob grants access to the lobby and elevator. It can also control what floors one is able to access through the elevator. Lastly, the key fob grants access to individual residences.

Office Buildings

Office building applications are similar to those of residential buildings, but also have the ability to restrict access within one office space. For example, all employees may have access to the break room, but only those who have particular security clearance may access areas where expensive supplies are kept.

Because a computer controls key fob systems, it is easy for a building owner to restrict access. For example, if an employee has been fired under bad circumstances and has left with his or her key to the building, that key can simply be disengaged, restricting access to that individual despite the fact that he or she still physically has they key.

Key fob systems are also revered by building supers, who at one time had to carry keys to each and every apartment within a residential building, or each and every office (and subsequent space within an office) in a commercial building. Granting access to all spaces with one key means a lot less to manage for such individuals. And because the key can be disengaged remotely, losing such a device is not as big of a deal as it once was, either.

One of the best qualities of the key fob for many building owners and security administrators is the fact that with such systems, entries and exits are traceable. This means that if something is to go missing in a space, the security administrator or manager is able to pull up records of who was in that space, when, and for how long. In many companies, the mere threat of this type of information being pulled up deters would-be inside robberies. Knowing how easy it is will be to get caught makes most would-be criminals shy away from doing anything bad in the first place.

Keyless entry for access control points is a great advance in the world of security.
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