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Vertex Security are industry leaders in access control and keyless entry systems. We design and install key fob systems for buildings and businesses, from single door stand alone to complex multi-door systems. The result is a safer and fully controlled environment, with a perfect combination of security and convenience.
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Benefits of Key Fob Systems

Key fob systems are electronic devices which operate by reading a key fob when placed in close proximity. If the key fob is authorized, the reader sends a signal to the door or gate and the user can gain access.

Key fob entry systems offer a greater ease of use, enhanced security, and more control in the case of multiple tenants, employees and guests. Fobs can be easily replaced or reprogrammed, and the entire system is completely keyless!

Key Fob Systems for Buildings

Key fob entry systems can be used for secure entry doors and gates, individual apartments, garages, and restricted areas within the building, such as the gym and pool.

The fob access control systems reduce costs compared to keys. When fobs are lost or stolen, or a tenant moves out, their fob can be deactivated. Fobs can be easily replaced with little cost. Vertex Security offers key fob entry system installation for residential buildings, giving greater security and convenience for both the building's management and the tenants.

A common example that illustrates the advantages of the system: a tenant can give access to their cleaner or dog walker with a fob designed for specific hours, as well as recording their entry and exit times. If their services are no longer required, you can simply deactivate the fob without needing to change the locks.

Key Fob Systems for Businesses

Every business can benefit from a professionally installed key fob access control system. A proximity key fob system can be applied to entrances, security doors, offices, and restricted areas. Multiple levels of access can be created in order to maximize control and security, while allowing employees ease of entry to authorized areas within the business.

A key fob entry system offers a new level of convenience, allowing the business owner to easily replace and reprogram fobs for employees, create temporary permissions, and revoke privileges from staff who are get fired, all without the need for a key.

For example, if employees need to access a sensitive area at certain times of the day, the system can limit the hours they can gain access, as well as record their entry and exit times.

Key Fob Systems Design and Installation

Vertex Security's access control experts will help you design and install the right system for your building or business needs. We offer a free on-site consultation to understand your specific needs, and in order to design an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.
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