Keyless Entry System: A Perfect Solution for Your Home

Though no one would disagree that it is important a home be secured, many people often want to forgo carrying their keys with them. Exercising in the neighborhood? Going for a swim? A jog on the beach? Where will you put the keys? Even more troubling are the times when you have the keys with you but can’t quite get to them. Your arms are full of groceries, or you’re carrying a baby. Or worse, someone is following you and you can’t quite seem to locate your keys in that purse you’ve been meaning to clean out. The instances where our keys cause us problems are large enough that it only makes sense to consider another option.

Keyless entry systems are, in many ways, the answer to the troubles many of us face surrounding home security.

Keyless entry systems utilize a small key called a “key fob transmitter”. A key fob transmitter, much like the clicker used to lock or unlock your car, uses remote technology to unlock doors at the push of a button. So, in the same way that you can unlock your car as you approach it, you may unlock the front door and even turn on the outdoor lights as you approach your home. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

There are many different keyless options available, and it’s important to have a true sense of your sensibilities and needs when deciding what type of keyless entry system is right for your home. For example, it’s important to consider whether you would like your keyless entry doorknob to appear completely normal, or if you would prefer that the door actually gives off the appearance that enhanced security systems are in place. You’ll also need to decide whether unlocking the door with a remote control is something that you would desire, and if so, how many remote controls your family will require to successfully use the technology.

While some entry systems are electronic and are therefore wired to the house, others are battery powered. Do you live in an area where power outages are frequent? If so, a battery-powered option might be more appropriate for your specific home. You’ll also need to decide what you would like attached to the functionality of the apparatus, such as porch lights, and also what type of range you’ll require for the remote control. Range is important when considering your expectations for how and where you’d like to unlock the doors. Do you want to be able to turn on the porch lights as you’re driving up to the house, or is once you’re in the driveway suitable?

It’s important to note that keyless entry to the home is not the same as home automation. Home automation are systems. Home automation systems don’t have the same flexibility that a keyless entry system might unless they are integrated. In other words, if coordinating porch lights and locks is something that’s very important to you, you’ll need to purchase both a home automation system and a keyless lock system and they will need to be integrated. Further home automation functions, such as locking the doors as of a certain time, may also be programmable.

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