The Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems for Your Home

Imagine a scenario where you are walking up to your front door and suddenly realize someone may be following you. Having to take the time to find your key and unlock the door may mean the difference between experiencing an attack or being safely inside your home. However, if you had a keyless entry system installed in your home, you could unlock the door before reaching it and enter your home without needing to use up precious seconds unlocking the door.

When you need to use your house or car keys and your hands are full of grocery bags or a rambunctious child, it can be extremely frustrating to find those keys, especially if they are laying at the bottom of your purse or pants pocket. Often what happens is that you eventually find those keys after straining a few muscles, only to drop them and your packages as a result of trying to do to much at once. Wouldn't it be nice if you could unlock your front door as you are pulling into your driveway, before you are weighed down with heavy items?

Keyless entry systems represent the ultimate device for personal safety and family security in New York City. Additionally, this type of security is also convenient, time-saving and exceptionally dependable. By using a transmitter embedded in a keyfob equipped with several small buttons, users of keyless entry systems no longer have to worry about fumbling for keys, lost or misplaced keys or breaking keys off in locks.

Home Security is Now Automatic and Safe

Installation of access control systems by security specialist or locksmith will transform your old lock and key system into a fully automated system that allows you to lay in bed and unlock the door for a teenager coming home from a party. You can also check to make sure all doors and windows are locked without walking through your house or apartment just by using the keyfob.

What else can you do with a keyless entry remote system?

  • Preset door and window locks to engage at certain times using your computer
  • Have porch or floodlights come on when you unlock the front or back door
  • Have keyless locks installed that resemble traditional doorknobs (to add to the decor of your home)
  • Have as many remotes as you need
  • Empower people who have arthritis in their fingers or are otherwise physically disabled--no more struggling to turn keys in stiff locks

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