Magnetic Card Access Control System

In a major city like New York, almost every private building has some sort of access control system. Although some buildings use systems such as keypads, security guards, and traditional lock and keys, the magnetic card is actually one of the most ubiquitous and economical security solutions.

Magnetic Card Readers

For those who have not used one in an office or residential setting, magnetic cards are still likely familiar. They have been used for years as a means of granting access to a hotel room. The cards function using similar technology to that of a credit card. They contain a magnetic strip that is swiped through a mechanism in the door, which reads the information in the card. If the data on the card matches that of the system, access to the space is granted.

Magnetic cards are especially useful for large spaces with a lot of turnaround with who may enter where, which is why they are so commonly used in hotels. The data on the card or the reader may be changed and updated frequently and at no additional cost to the system administrator. Therefore, cards may be reprogrammed, erased, and swiped through the reader with ease. Further if the card is lost or stolen, it may be deprogrammed remotely, eliminating the fear of a lost card resulting in a breach of security.

The Advantages of Magnetic Card Access Control Systems

As an alternative to a standard lock and key mechanism for security in New York City, magnetic card access control systems have a number of advantages. The first is ease of management of the system. Because they are so easily reprogrammable, managers of systems that use magnetic card access control do not need to worry about who has a key, when they got it, where the key is, and when it will be returned. Magnetic keycards are in essence disposable – if one is lost or not returned, there is no threat to the future of the security system. Since everything is done on a computer, using this type of security system does not require the involvement or cooperation of the people involved or using it.

Further, because computers are involved in a magnetic card access control system, the manager has the ability to track what card was used when and where. This is an excellent tool in tracking which employees entered a space, when they entered, and how long they were in the space. Believe it or not, this can be a huge asset to a company of any size, shape, or industry, particularly if something out of the ordinary has occurred in the office space.

Maintenance issues are fairly low with magnetic key systems, which is another major draw to business owners. Most magnetic card access systems can be implemented using the same locks that existed in the lock and key system in the building prior to installation.

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