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iDor Mobile, based in Andover, MA has been unveiled as an exciting new way to incorporate video intercom services into a home or business. iDor Mobile is a new smartphone and tablet based application that works with a video intercom system and series of cameras to provide video intercom services via a mobile device. This allows for mobility and convenience for the user of the system.

The program combines hardware at the home and applications that work across several mobile and tablet devices. Like a hardwired intercom, a user rings the bell or pushes a buzzer upon arrival to the outside door of a residence or office. However, rather than a buzzer going off within the home, an alert pops up on the mobile device that the user has linked to the system.

The alert shows live, real-time video of the doorstep, thus displaying an image of the person who is attempting to grant access to the home.

The user can then either choose to deny entry or can open the door for the visitor using the “open door” feature within the application. iDor Mobile also offers the opportunity to switch between views of the door. Up to four cameras can be integrated into the system, allowing for a well-rounded picture of the property to be viewed from the phone or tablet.

iDor Mobile connects to the phone or tablet via a wireless network and can also be used via a 3G or 4G network. The mobility of the system allows for users to control comings and goings at the residence or office even when they are not physically on site. This is ultimately one of iDor Mobile’s most convenient features, as it allows one to grant access to the home or space from afar. Should you need to let a utilities manager into the home or office, or should a family member forget their keys, it’s easy to grant access without necessitating one’s physical presence at the site. This can also be a great feature for those with frequent houseguests whom they do not want to actually physically loan a key to, as keys can be copied and could be stashed away for later (unauthorized) use.

Because it also allows the user to switch between up to four different camera views of the property or site at any given time, it can also be used for surveillance. Although the system is technically a video intercom system and shouldn’t be relied upon for full home security services, iDor Mobile’s wireless and 3G/4G integration does offer a relatively streamlined way for users to view their doorstep or property remotely. For the use of checking in on a property and/or managing who is granted access via a video intercom system, the system proves to be rather useful.

iDor is currently configured to work with:
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • All Android devices
The application for tablets is available via the App Store and Google Play. The hardware is available at select security systems retailers.
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