Modern Home Security Techniques

Home security has been around as long as, well, homes. From moats with alligators to barking dogs, homeowners have spent centuries implementing various systems to stave off unwanted guests, also known as intruders. Luckily for homeowners, modern technology has created advanced security systems to protect the home against all forms of intrusion, obstruction, and danger.

In the twentieth century, electronic security systems become commonplace in both large commercial buildings and residential buildings and homes. The most common form of security systems involves sensors that are installed at entry-points to a home such as doors and windows. When something (or someone) passes by one of these sensors by opening the door or window, an alarm is triggered. Typically, once inside the home, the homeowner will input a code on a keypad, letting the security system control center know that all is well. In the absence of a code or in the instance of the wrong code being entered, the homeowner is notified immediately by the security system control center. When necessary, police are called dispatched to the residence.

Many home security system companies now offer surveillance services beyond intrusion. Protecting the home from fire, broken glass, water leaks, backed up drains, and carbon monoxide, modern detectors are able to communicate with the security system control and make homeowners aware of an issue when they are out of the home. Similar to a traditional alarm system, if smoke, water, carbon monoxide, or broken glass is detected in the home, the homeowner is notified via an outside system. Depending on the company and chosen system, communications will either be forged by a phone line or a cellular connection. Cellular connections have gained popularity in recent years due to their immunity to cut phone lines – a common trick of an experienced burglar or intruder.

In the early twenty-first century, more advanced techniques that were once extremely expensive are becoming more affordable. For example, security cameras, which can be installed outside of the home, are now affordable, small, and highly functional. Whereas more antiquated security cameras were only able to point in one direction, more modern models have the ability to scan a yard or outdoor space and also have the ability to work only when motion is detected, saving homeowners from hours of footage of a solitary yard.

With the internet at the height of functionality, homes can now be monitored from practically anywhere. Beyond physically adjusting security cameras remotely, homeowners can also keep track of several systems. Heating systems can be controlled from afar, as can the lights and the security system itself. With remote control, a homeowner is never so far away that he or she cannot make adjustments to the home to improve his or her comfort upon returning, safety of the home in his or her absence, and ultimately the safety of his or her family members.

With a variety of options available to homeowners today, securing the home has never been easier and has also never been so popular.

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