Protecting Your NYC Business or Home with Modern Security Systems

As one of the largest, most populated metropolitan areas in the world, New York City is home to millions of productive, upstanding and ethical citizens wanting to make the world a better place in which to live. Unfortunately, some individuals harbor different ideas regarding working hard and earning an honest living. As a result, unscrupulous individuals have made it necessary for home and business owners to install one of several modern security systems to protect their assets as well as loved ones.

Types of Security Systems

No longer are simple lock and key methods capable of deterring criminals from breaking into a home or business. With the vast amount of information readily available on the internet, criminals now have access to methods that easily compromise old-style security systems. As a result, companies specializing in security systems must remain one step ahead of these career crooks and constantly upgrade their systems with advanced functions that can effectively deter unwanted thieves.

Some popular modern security systems used by New York City business, apartment dwellers and home owners include:
  • Motion detecting sensors - installed around doors, windows and other areas where burglars often attempt entrance into a building. When a motion detecting device is triggered by unusual movement in that area, a loud and disturbing alarm sounds which often relays information to security monitoring company who immediately dispatches law enforcement. Sensors sensitive to breaking glass are also available for businesses that frequently experience window breakage due to criminal activity.
  • Keypad security systems - only individuals with knowledge of specific codes can enter a building protected with keypad security. Entrances remain securely locked unless the correct combination of alphanumeric symbols are inputted into a keypad.
  • Fire and smoke alarms - arson is one of many crimes causing the destruction of many NYC businesses. Smoke/fire alarms that connect with the nearest police and/or fire station can quickly inform and dispatch firefighters to a fire that may be controlled enough to cause minimal damage.
  • Closed circuit television monitoring - a favorite security system of many NYC homes and businesses, CCTV provides 24 hour surveillance of an area via video camera monitoring and is considered one of the most effective security systems. In addition to deterring criminals from entering a building, CCTVs also record perpetrators in the act of committing a crime, providing law enforcement with information necessary for capturing and prosecuting the criminal.
With the variety of security systems available, there is no reason why anyone should experience the emotional and physical distress of home intrusions, burglaries or vandalism. Professional New York City security companies like Vertex can immediately provide any home or business with the most effective security systems that powerfully protect your assets and family from the havoc wrecked by callous thieves and vandals.
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